Kempinski Hôtel, Spa, Malta, Gozo, Malte

Today, I had the great opportunity to enjoy an amazing spa on the island of Gozo (Malta), where I have been living for almost two months now. My mother-in-law kindly invited me to the five stars Kempinski Hotel. I am glad I discovered such a place, because being a new inhabitant in the country, I am always searching for places that deserve to be seen.


For about thirty euros, you can get full access to the spa area for the day. The services include access to the indoor and outdoor pools, to the oriental hammam and to the jacuzzi.
I decided to get pampered and I chose a facial treatment, the cost to access the spa’s services is included in the price.
While waiting for my appointment, I decided to take advantage of this. First, the outdoor pool. Very nice, the water temperature was perfect. Well, obviously when you are in the middle of the mediterranean sea with 30°C outside… Waiters are here to offer cool drinks. Do you know something better to feel relaxed than sipping fresh juice by the pool ?



The spa was almost empty, which was really pleasant and allowed me to take pictures with no one in the frame. Then, I briefly went to the oriental hammam, but without my camera this time, because I was afraid it wouldn’t endure the air humidity very well. Too bad, because the room was somptuous. There were several scrubs and oils you could use to give yourself a deep skin cleansing.
I finally went swimming in one of the indoor pools, and relaxed for a moment in the jacuzzi.




Then comes the treatment. I chose one for the face named “The Queen’s Facial Treatment” (they take this seriously !). After a head, neck and face massage with warm oils, I had a face scrub with coffee, followed by a steam bath and a fresh roses mask. A last face massage to finish, a green tea, and here I am, radiant and relaxed ! A great experience that left my skin visibly brighter. I wish I could go back there soon.


If you are interested by this spa, you can visit their website and look at their prices here.

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