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For this new look, I chose to play with the contrast between the light stones of the gozitan houses and the flaming color of my silky top. I think I bought this outfit more than one year ago, but I didn’t get the chance to wear it a lot when I used to live in Rennes. I’m glad I rediscovered it here.

Behind me on some pictures, you can notice Comino and Cominotto, the two smallest islands of the maltese archipelago, as well as Malta far behind.
In the bay between Comino and Cominotto, you can see “Blue Lagoon”, a lagoon with amazing crystal water. I didn’t have the opportunity to go there yet, even if I see it from my window everyday. I can’t wait to take a few pictures there ! I will probably go this week : my mother arrives tonight from France to visit us for a few days. That means I won’t have much time to answer your comments or messages during the week to come.
So saying, I leave you with this post and wish you all an excellent day !

Top & Short : Claudie Pierlot ; Shoes : Unisa ; Bag : Victoria Delef



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