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I’ve been quite absent these last two weeks. I finally managed to go back to my work, and I just prepared a beauty post… which will in reality be published tomorrow. Because I suddenly felt like telling you more about this blog, about my desires, the reason why I write, and for whom. But I’d especially like to know your personal expectations, as a reader.

Ten days without a single post is not a big deal ! Most of you probably didn’t notice my really short absence, especially because I’m still present on Instagram. I’m currently facing different changes in my personal life (all positive ones, and I will tell you more in due time). Therefore, it was hard for me to focus on the blog, I lost my inspiration as well as my motivation within a few days… and I was afraid I lost them for good. To be honest, I even felt “guilty” because I wasn’t posting any new content for you, while I usually post quite regularly, from Monday till Friday.

I started to wonder if I genuinely liked what I was writing. When I first started this blog, I made the choice to explore many different things, to help, advise, inspire the young women we are in different areas that are part of our lives. Weither you like cooking, traveling, fashion, makeup or home decor, you can find something on this blog that could interest you.
But I also have my fields of predilection. I know a thing or two about beauty and health, and these are therefore the subjects you can find the most here, simply because I am more passionate about them.
On the other hand, I’ve almost stoped my outfit posts : the bad weather making the photoshoot less fun, the lack of time to renew my wardrobe at the moment, the loss of interest for these posts I don’t really enjoy doing anymore… Should I rethink my editorial line ? Perhaps, and I’m seriously thinking about bringing change to The Blue Dress Girl in the months to come. Because if I want to captivate you, I must enjoy the things I’m working on, and put all of my heart in them first. If I’m doing something reluctantly, you will be the first to notice.

What I’m trying to say is that you are the first involved in this story. That’s the reason why I would love to know your expectations. I want to offer posts that you will enjoy reading. I want to see you visiting this blog everyday because you know you will find an interesting content here.
You are already a lot to come here daily (thank you !), and your opinion matters. If you’ve never commented before, today is the day ! I’d like to know you more, I’d like to know which posts you like, what you’d like to read, what you’re looking for in a blog, what you (don’t) like in mine… and whatever else you would like to tell me.

Finally, I wanted to be completely honest with you : I’m growing up, and this blog is going to grow up with me. For a while, at least… The content is obviously going to evolve. I don’t have the same aspirations and priorities as I had three years ago, and in a few years, I won’t have the same aspirations and priorities as I have today. But the best part is that this blog is becoming the reflect of my personality, a place where I feel comfortable to write with honesty, mostly about futile things, but also on a more serious tone when I feel like it.
And that’s what makes the whole thing so fascinating.

writing a blog, how to blog with passion, captivate your readers, how to write great content for a blog, start blogging

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