I’m back with a few pictures, taken a couple weeks ago in the small streets of Victoria, the main town of Gozo. I love strolling through those blooming streets full of charm, which are usually deserted and absolutely calm. Currently, the weather is perfect : a dazzling blue sky and a light breeze that makes the 25°C temperature in the afternoon more bearable.

For a lunch in town, I like to wear casual but stylish outfits. Understand : comfortable without being sloppy. Since I’ve been living in Gozo, I wear heels a lot less than I used to :  it’s not very suited to our island lifestyle and the cobbled streets and steep roads of the island encourage me to wear flat shoes. Nevertheless, when the sunny days come back, I like to sport sandals or wedges, provided they remain comfortable to wander a bit around town. These are perfect for this thanks to their square heel !

The more my baby bump grows, the more dressing myself becomes challenging… I don’t want to renew my entire wardrobe for a few months only, so I try to deal with what’s already in my closet. That’s how I remembered about these printed H&M pants I hadn’t worn for ages ! An absolute comfort, like going out in pajamas… when you’re pregnant, the feeling is priceless. To “dress it” a bit more, I added a classic piece : a sheer black blouse. An interesting contrast if you’re pregnant or if you want to hide a little belly : the bright printed pants are eye-catching and distract from the upper body, which helps balance the silhouette. Well… this is all in vain in my case, I think… 😉

In short, according to me, this is the perfect look when you want to dress comfortably without headache while still puting a little bit of effort !

Printed pants : H&M (old, similar here) | Blouse : Liu Jo (old, similar here)
Sandals : San Marina | Bag : Parfois (old, similar here) | Sunglasses : Ralph Lauren



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