I admit it : stretching is far from being the thing I enjoy the most. This is something that I used to usually – I should say always – forget to do during my workouts. But after I did the Insanity program a few months ago (each session involves about 10 minutes of stretching), my years of dancing and the split that I mastered back then came back to my memory. So I decided to bring back these moves into my weekly workout routine. The list of health benefits is long : a better posture, a better blood circulation, less heavy legs issues or back pain, and of course a greater flexibility.

On Pinterest, I’ve often found some inspiring boards that helped me during my sessions and allowed me to discover and try some new exercises. Below, I’ve made a selection of the stretches I regularly do. At the end, you will be able to find the links to the original posts.

stretching exercises, stretches, workout routine, ease back pain, tips for a greater flexibility


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