Our gorgeous Scarlett was born on monday the 15th of August 2016 at 6:15pm and weighed 3.275 kg for 50 cm. Since then, our days – and nights… – are much shorter, but also more beautiful than ever with her by our sides.

On that momentous monday, I had an appointment at the hospital at 7am, most probably for an induction. I was 11 days past term – which was almost 42 weeks of pregnancy ! – and waiting longer could have been potentially harmful to the baby. But finally, in a twist of fate, I arrived at the maternity ward during the night, a few hours before my appointment. Our little girl had finally decided that she wanted to discover the world… That’s what I call “waiting until the last moment” !

The delivery was long and difficult, but everything went very smoothly, without any complication. Scarlett and I were able to go home after less than 48 hours. I will always keep my wonderful midwife Myriam in my thoughts, she’s never left my side during these long hours and she’s helped me overcome the pain when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.
Gleb has been amazing that day, and he continues to be everyday as a new father. A role that is not always easy, but that suits him very well. Scarlett and I are very lucky to have him by our sides !

As for the blog, I haven’t been posting much lately… At first, I was caught up in my pregnancy and the preparations, so my mind was elsewhere. Then, I realised that enjoying my friends, family and summer to the full before this life changing event was important, and that the blog could wait until September, at least.
During the next few weeks, I will probably be MIA again. But as soon as we adjust and find our new routine, I’ll be back with many new posts ! The only thing I’ll need to find now… is time ! 😉

Thank you to everyone who shared our joy when I announced my pregnancy and who followed – from a distance – this beautiful adventure. Scarlett, Gleb and I send kisses and will go start our new life as a family of three.


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