It’s a tiny post I am writing today, but it’s a very special tiny post. I’ve been thinking a lot about the words I would put on my virtual paper, the sentences that will finally tell you about what’s been on my mind these past 140 days. For every minute of every hour that the time makes, I think about what will happen in five short months…

In five short months, my nights will be too short, my days will pass too quickly, and my heart will drown in a torrent of love. In five short months, my life, our life will be changed forever, but it will be more beautiful than it ever was before.

In five short months, we will be three.


Baby is doing great, wriggles a lot and should make his/her debut during the first week of August.
Girl or boy ?
We’ve known for a few days now, but we prefer to keep it to ourselves a little bit longer
As for me, I’m feeling great and I’m happy to finally be able to see a little bump after 20 weeks of pregnancy!



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