It was about time I shared the big news ! I remained silent until today because some of our friends and family didn’t know baby’s sex yet, but I now can tell you…

It’s a girl !!

We couldn’t be happier, especially because this was quite a surprise when my docor told me the news two months ago : I was pretty sure I was having a boy, don’t ask why… Maternal instinct is off on a bad start ! 😉

Anyway, I am delighted and I’ve been scanning all the baby clothes e-shops I could find, even though I didn’t buy a lot of things yet. I should start soon though, because this sweet baby will arrive in 3 months… if everything goes well ! I’m very impatient, but I also have a hard time believing we are already in may. Baby will be here in a blink of an eye…

I could have just shared a picture on my social media to announce the news, but I wanted to mark the occasion and keep a trace of this moment, a post I could read again with nostalgia in a few years… I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with a more substantial post !


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