La trousse de toilette parfaite pour voyager léger !




Last Tuesday, I flew to France to spend a few days with my friends and family. My only luggage was a carry-on bag that weighed less than 10 kgs. Since this is the first time I’m traveling so light, I thought it would be interesting to show you what’s inside my travel bag, to prove that it is possible to go on a 10-day trip with so little things.

Today, I will be sharing the content of my toiletry and makeup bags, because this is a delicate subject when you are traveling with a carry-on exclusively : what can I take with me on the plane, and in which quantities ?
Come back next week to discover the whole content of my suitcase, outfits included !

Liquid products in my travel bag

In your carry-on, you can take liquid cosmetics of less than 100ml, only if they all fit in a 1 liter clear plastic bag. In stores, you can easily find this type of case sold with empty bottles in which you can put your products. I’ve bought mine at The Body Shop : the case contains three 80ml bottles, two 25ml jars and a little spatula to cleanly decant your creams. You can also find these types of accessories at Sephora’s, for example here or there.

I only used two of the three bottles : I filled the first one with my facial cleaning gel and the second one with my hand cream. In the first jar, I put my face cream that I will use morning and night, and I filled half of the second one with my current foundation. Any space saving is significant !
In my plastic case, I also added the essentials I always travel with : a mini body lotion, a makeup primer, a liquid eyeliner, a concealer and my masacara. I also remembered to add a fragrance sample.

You normally don’t need more liquid products !
I rarely bring shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste or deodorant with me when I’m traveling : you will find some on the spot if you are staying at your family’s or at the hotel, and in any other case the first store you will find will have everything you need.


Solid products and makeup
in my travel bag

For the rest of my toiletry bag, I also took the minimum. Regarding the makeup, I added a concealer palette (useful for an occasional contouring, and with its small price I’m not afraid to break it), my blush, some loose powder (that now exists in travel size !), a small palette of brown eyeshadows, a lip balm and a nude lipstick. I could have taken only 4 brushes, but since I had some extra space I decided to bring a few more. I also added my beauty blender, a small exfoliating brush, a hair brush and a few hair ties, tissues, lemon hand wipes, and finally some ear plugs in case I want to nap on the plane.
Les produits de maquillage à emporter en cabine durant un voyage.

And this if what you got ! Two small cases that don’t take much space and that weigh 800g all in all. This is largely enough for a dozen days, and you can even reduce the size of your toiletry bag if you are leaving for a weekend only. My advise is to take only your essential and costly products, such as your makeup and your specific skincare. You can always buy the rest (shampoo, shower gel…) on the spot if needed.


Which products did you take with you for your last travel ?

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