My pregnancy and delivery, a little more than a month ago, left my skin dehydrated. Add breastfeeding to the equation and you get a skin that could compete with the Gobi Desert. Well, all right… I’m exaggerating a bit. But the fact remains that since the birth of my daughter, I had to rethink my beauty routine to overcome the new requirements of my skin. In this post, you can learn about the products I use morning and night.



In the worning, I wash my face with water only. I finish by spraying a bit of la Roche-Posay thermal water to get rid of the aggressive tap water.

Eye cream

This is a much needed step for the tired new mom I am… In the morning, I use the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate from The Body Shop. I find it quite efficient thanks to its cool texture and its ball applicator, which stimulates the blood circulation.

Routine beauté après la grossesse et l'accouchement. Avis sur les produits Transparent Clinic.


I am currenty testing the Hyaluronic Acid Serum from the brand Transparent Clinic. I’ve tried other serums before, but I‘ve always struggled to keep using this kind of product in the long run. Most of the time, I used to found myself with a sticky film on the face and therefore I felt like my skin couldn’t breathe. However, this new serum is a great surprise ! A light powdery smell, a fluid texture that penetrates very quickly. My skin is well hydrated and therefore plumper than it used to be… I can clearly see the difference now. And on top of that, this serum contains hyaluronic acid, which helps prevent the first signs of aging.


I end my morning routine with the Transparent Clinic Moisturising BB cream. Same story : I wasn’t very fond of BB creams before… All the ones I had tried until then were too greasy and unpleasant to wear. And finding a suitable shade for my pale complexion is not an easy task… With this BB cream, however, I found no issue at all, and the shade “natural” is perfect for me.
This cream may be too rich for an oily skin, but on a normal to dry skin like mine, it’s very comfortable. The product moisturizes well, evens the skin tone and protects against UV rays : a must for me under the maltese sun. And since I don’t have much time for myself in the morning, this three-in-one product is really convenient because I don’t have to apply make-up on my face afterwards. But I regret the fact that the brand doesn’t offer more shades suitable to very fair or very dark skins.

Test de la BB crème Transparent Clinic.Revue sur la BB crème hydratante Transparent Clinic.No make up, only the Transparent Clinic Moisturising BB Cream (shade “natural”).



If I wore a lot of makeup during the day (this doesn’t happen often), I remove it with oil. I use organic coconut oil and I massage my skin with it to take it all off. Then, I wash my face with the moisturising facial wash from Simple. I love this product and I’ve been using it for a while : it’s a great makeup remover and it only costs 4€ !
If I wore little to no makeup, I don’t use coconut oil and I juste cleanse my skin with the facial wash. In both cases, I finish with a mist of thermal water.

Une routine beauté pour peau sèche après bébé.Les produits à utiliser pour une peau sèche.

Eye cream

I use the Eye Contour Gel from Clarins. I find it efficient as a long run treatment, but it doesn’t provide any immediate brightening effect. That’s why I use it only at night.


I apply the Transparent Clinic Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Revue sérum à l'acide hyaluronique Transparent Clinic.


I finish this routine with the Transparent Clinic Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Cream. I really like this product that moisturises perfectly without leaving any oily film or unpleasant sensation on the skin. Its preventive action against aging is a nice asset. I advise you to wait a few minutes between the application of the serum and the cream though, because otherwise the product tends to fluff a bit.

Avis sur la crème hydratante à l'acide hyaluronique Transparent Clinic. Revue sur les cosmétiques Transparent Clinic.

The Transparent Clinic products have been sent to me for test, and as you can see, it was a conclusive one ! I grew fond of this hydrating and anti aging skincare line that perfectly meets my current needs. You can discover these products on The Beauty Shopper, a beauty e-shop full of fun cosmetic brands. And the good news is that they offer discount prices throughout the year !


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