My birthday is coming (27th of March), and even if I’m not that girl who writes a precise list to ask for precise gifts – I prefer surprises a lot more ! – I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share with you my current wishes, birthday or not. And if it can also help a boyfriend or a best friend in search of inspiration, that’s even better, right ?

1. For a long time, I’ve thought that a brush to clean one’s face and/or body was totally useless. So far, women had lived without seeing their skin roting once they turned 20. But after reading great reviews here and there, the Clarisonic fever took power over me. At first, I tried a simple basic brush, and quite convinced, I want to move up an other gear.

2. I’m starting to get bored with my beloved Clarins blush. I have a hard time buying this kind of makeup on an impulse (I have the same problem with foundation or concealer), so I don’t own a lot of them. I’m really tempted by the Nars Orgasm to bring some change to my cheeks.

3. I arrive after the battle, but I’m finally considering having an Urban Decay Naked palette. I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday (nor even every week), but these pretty nude tones might reconcile me with this makeup product. I hesitate between the Naked 2 and 3 though, but I’m afraid the shades of the last one are a little too pink. Any advice ?

4. I’ve been eyeing the pretty creations of Poupée Rousse for a while now, but since I don’t wear a lot of jewels, I never oredered anything. I’ve decided to rectify this situation and start my transformation into a Christmas tree (just joking). Starting with a beautiful necklace that speaks to me would be perfect.

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5 et 7. Can we stop a moment to talk about the home decor items at Anthropologie ?! I’d like to add these pretty pillows here or these pretty pillows there to my future home office, in which I want to bring pops of colour.

6. For my office again (do you really think my boyfriend would tolerate this thing in the living room ?!), I’d like a beautiful bright chair with an ethnic print. At least, it will put me in a good mood.

8. Once again, I arrive after the battle, but I’d really like to own a pair of Valentino Rockstud 100 (nude). I was not especially convinced by the studs when these shoes firt appeared, but one day, it took me by surprise. After seeing them adding a magical touch to every it girls’ outfits on the planet, it certainly woke something up in me. The first pair of a future collection ?

9. I miss the food processor I left in France when I moved to Malta ! I could have someone send it to my place for me, but I might as well let the person I lent it to enjoy it, and order a new one (a great way to ease my conscience, hihi). Because whipping the eggs white until stiff is exhausting (especially when you can’t make a vitamin smoothie to give you more strength).

10. I’ve recently started running again, and yes, I swear, I could run three times faster with a new pair of shoes ! Yes, my current Nikes are in perfect conditions, but that’s not the point ! All right, I might as well confess everything : I just want these Nike Flyknit Lunar because they are pink. Perhaps I won’t even wear them and just leave them exposed on a shelf. Perhaps.

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