pretty-week-39-uneMy Easter and birthday breakfast last sunday.

The start to a grey weekend in Malta… After a wonderful week, the weather decided not to cooperate anymore. Nevermind, I’ll take this opportunity to prepare my upcoming trip to France, and start filling my baby registry… An operation that will probably be as fun as it will be complicated !

I will be less available next week to answer your emails and comments since I will be with my family in Brittany, but I do have some posts scheduled for the coming days.

By the way, thank you for the warm welcome you’ve given to my little April Fools post yesterday, I’m glad to see you liked the idea ! I was a little afraid that some of you might not read the post until the end and mistake me for a dangerous crazy person… 😉

I wish you a very good weekend, even if it’s already well commenced as I right those lines !

pretty-week-39-restaurantA delicious calamari dish at the restaurant The Fliegu.

pretty-week-39-malteMy favourite view on this planet !

pretty-week-39-nutellaThere’s been a lot of not so healthy food this week… But how am I supposed to resist a Nutella tart ?!

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