Des pyjamas pas chers pour Noël.


I am back with a shopping selection, with small prices only ! Sick, I just spent the last 10 days stuck in bed, living in my pajamas. I had a lot of Christmas-related posts and DIY planned, but unfortunately I have been unable to prepare them… That being said, I still managed to find a bit of inspiration during this period of hibernation, since I am sharing a selection of pajamas for less than 20 euros ! Because we can all agree on the fact that being sick when it’s cold outside sucks. But spending the days under a blanket, wrapped in comfy pajamas with a warm cup of tea makes everything a bit better, right ?

A selection of pajamas for less than 20 euros, for this winter and for Christmas.

1 – A simple and elegant shirt and short set, the kind of pajamas that I like the most.
2 – For the chilly nights, these heart printed pants look as comfy as they are cute !
3 – A combi-short with lace details.
4 – A fluffy robe that would be perfect for a cold night.
5 – A pair of plaid pants that are perfect for the festive season, and that you can easily wear for Christmas’ morning.
6 – A pair of pretty satin pajama pants.
7 – For those who like cocooning time, this onesie for grown-ups is probably the best option !
8 – A pretty nightgown is a must…
9 – Impossible to be cold with these polar pants !
10 – I have a crush on the print of these pajama pants.
11 – Let’s discover the super cute world of Mr Wonderful, with this unicorn pajama shirt.
12 – How can you resist this soft koala tee ?!
13 – A printed pajamas set : stripes or swallows.

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