Buying via Internet is something we do a lot nowadays. I have to admit that it’s practical : everything is one click away from us, and paying on line is now really secure. The problem is that the web is filled with a multitude of eshops, and we don’t know where to start… To help you, I’m sharing a list of my favourite on line shops, for clothes, home decor or beauty products.

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 → Asos : who never went on the famous english eshop ? You can find a multitude of brands and pieces for all budgets and the shipping and returns are free. This is usually the website I log on first when I’m looking for something in particular (or if I just want to update my wardrobe). When I used to live in France, the delivery always took longer than expected, which is not the case in Malta. But after all, this is a free service, so I don’t really mind.
The customer support is however really reactive : once, I never received my package, and I was reimbursed under 24h, without any problem.

→ Modcloth : an american eshop with a vintage style that I love ! The dresses are amazing and I can’t count the amount of pieces I saved somewhere on my browser. The prices are fine (keep in mind that they are in dollars). However, if you don’t live in the United States, you may have to pay customs fees when your package arrives.

→ Lipsy : an other british eshop ! The style is different (more “grown-up”) but the prices are still reasonable. Keep in mind that they are in pounds !

→ Oysho : I’ve been a big fan of this brand for years. On this eshop, you will mainly find lingerie, pajamas, workout clothes or bathing suits. The prices are really nice and the pieces really adorable.

→ & Other Stories : on this eshop, you can find clothes, shoes, jewels, but also lingerie and cosmetics. The pieces are really trendy, for a reasonable price, and I especially like the shoes.

→ Nordstrom : the american brand offers a complete eshop, which also sells beauty products. Here again, customs fees may apply.

→ Net à Porter : for those of you who want to buy luxury brands without leaving home, this website will make your banker really unhappy.

clothes eshop, beauty eshop, home decor eshop, online shopping, where to buy on the internet

→ Anthropologie : you will need a significant budget for this one because this brand is far from cheap, but I absolutely love the style and I want to buy about everything when I go on this website. You may have noticed that I mention this eshop really often in my home decor posts.

→ Zara Home : I love the decor section of the Zara brand ! A classic style that may not please everyone, but their bed linens and small furnitures are really pretty.

→ Bird on the Wire : formerly called Suicidal, this eshop offers pretty decor items, cooking accessories, stationery items and jewels. I believe that the first thing I ordered on the Internet, when I was something like 12, came from this website. I’m glad to see that this cute brand still exists today !

clothes eshop, beauty eshop, home decor eshop, online shopping, where to buy on the internet

→ Feel Unique : the shrine of beauty products on the Internet. You can find almost everything on this website, which is much better than the best Sephora store, according to me ! Regarding the prices, I feel that it’s a little more expensive than in a classic beauty store, but they often offer nice promotions.

→ Birchbox : when I lived in France, I was a Birchbox subscriber and I also ordered a few times via their eshop. You can discover a nice selection of products that are not easy to find in stores, and the delivery is fast. If you subscribed to the box, you can earn points that will lower the total price of your order.

→ Dieti-Natura : if you use diet supplements, this website is going to become your new goldmine. The prices are ridiculous, the choice is great, and I’ve always been satisfied with the products.

What are your favourite eshops ?

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