romantic weekend, what to wear, elegant and chic look, camel and ivory, outfit for a date night

 I really hope you love Zara… because it’s almost a total look I am sharing with you tonight ! If there is one kind of outfit I love during fall and winter, it is the combination between ivory and camel… Is there something more chic ? The off-white tights are not the easiest thing to wear, I’ll admit it, but if you combined them with high heels boots in the same tone (to give the illusion of longer legs), I think it looks amazing. In a nutshell, an adorable yet elegant outfit to start a nice romantice weekend. As you might already guess, you will discover next monday a new outfit to wear on day 2 !

The blog has a brand new style too ! Some of you may have noticed yesterday night that the website was under maintenance… I spent the entire night redoing and rethinking the design of the blog so that it could run again at 8am this morning. I’m thinking about those of you who read my posts in the subway, or while drinking their coffee ! Needless to say, after I finish uploading this post, I’m going to sleep like a baby. Anyway, I hope you like the changes I’ve made, even if I still have some modifications to finish here and there. If you notice something that is not working as it should, please tell me !
But let’s go back onto the subject : our “situation” of the week !


romantic weekend, what to wear, elegant and chic look, camel and ivory, outfit for a date night



1. A camel trench coat, enough to dress up the most simple outfit. Zara
2. A small “baby doll like” ivory dress. Zara
3. These could almost make me want the live under a cold weather. Zara
4 & 5. A pretty set ! Princesse Tam-Tam, top & bottom
6. A set of two pair of tights, including an ivory one. H&M
7. An amazing bag… oh, it’s even wearing my name ! Is that a good enough reason to buy it ? Chloé
8. A small and pretty golden bracelet. Asos
9. Kenzo’s bodycare is a real dream… Kenzo
10. A hair mousse for a beautiful volume. Kérastase
11. I’m dying to try the new tinted lip balms from Dior, especially when they have such a beautiful nude shade.  Dior
12. The famous Touche Éclat, for a radiant skin, at all time. Yves Saint Laurent
13. Have a great evening !


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