Even if I haven’t been regular with my posts this summer to begin with, I’m taking the rest of August off. Between the gorgeous maltese weather, the beach or the pool, and the visit of my family and friends, the blog hasn’t been my priority these days, and I’m sure you can understand that. I hope you’re too busy soaking up the sun to even notice my absence anyway… 😉

I’ll be back in September with a clear mind, a lot of new posts and new ideas, and probably a few new sections on which I’m currently working.

During the next 20 days, you can still reach me here via the comment section, or by e-mail. I will also be active on my social medias, especially on my Instagram account and on my Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to follow me there, I will be sharing some snaps of my holidays. My french friends are coming over next week for a few days… nice way to end up this summer !

I wish you all of you good holidays, and I’m sending all my courage if you’re at work. Thank you for reading this blog and thank your for your growing support, I look forward to seeing you there in September. Take care !


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