It’s official : the blog is back ! I can hardly believe that so much time has passed since my last post… A lack of inspiration is something that can happen quite often, but it is never pleasant.
To be quite honest with you, I don’t like when bloggers feel compelled to apologize for their “absence”. It’s very ironic, because that’s what I’m about to do… What can I say, it’s impossible for me to come back “like a hair on the soup” with a mundane post, while I just took three months of sabbatical leave ! I owe you at least a few lines of explanation, if you’re interested.

It’s been almost three years since my companion and I moved to Malta, on the spur of a moment, without any particular expectations. Just “to see”. Since then, a lot has changed : we have become parents, and we have begun to think more of personal and professional projects that are very important to us. We now have a more precise idea of ​​how we would like to lead our boat, especially since the arrival of our first child. It’s a turning point for us, we have plans for the future that we feel passionate about, and it occupies our thoughts constantly.

This was our state of mind when we went to celebrate Christmas in my family in France. Our first trip with the baby. I wasn’t blogging much at the time, I was lacking ideas, I didn’t know in which direction to lead my blog. Therefore, I took advantage of this stay in Brittany to shut down the joyous world of the Internet and start a “social diet”, thinking that a break would do me good.
This family moment was very much anticipated by all : only my mother and the youngest of my two brothers had the opportunity to hold Scarlett in their arms, very briefly, when she was only a few hours old. We were euphoric to see our relatives meeting our daughter, so we extended our stay for several weeks. Gleb can work from anywhere as long as he has an internet connexion, our two cats were in good hands and I was delighted to see my family enjoying the baby.

Then, it was time to return to Malta, but the urge to resume my virtual life did not follow. I wanted to stay a little longer in this family bubble, and I still wasn’t sure which direction to take with this blog. My personality has changed since its creation, more than two years ago. My daily life, my projects are no longer the same. So I needed to find a new editorial line, a space that resembles me more, while creating original content. Without turning everything upside down, of course…

All these questions have stayed suspended for a while, but ultimately, I feel the urge to blog again. I have a better idea of ​​what I want to share with you. And most importantly, I’m realizing that blogging has become a need. Writing posts – even if it is not great philosophy – does me good and I like the idea of ​​discussing with a community, even though I’m a very independent person in real life.

As for 2017, the year looks promising. Gleb and I have beautiful projects going on, life projects that feel  more important than ever to us. I remain voluntarily vague, don’t blame me, but I fear that talking about it could bring us bad luck. Nevertheless, if our dreams come true, many changes will come in our lives and on this blog too. I can not wait ! The future looks radiant and I have rarely been so enthusiastic. I hope I will be able to talk to you about all of this very soon !

Thanks to those who’ve read my posts for over two years, welcome to those who discovered me more recently. I stop here with all this blahblah, and I will come back very soon with new, regular posts. Meanwhile, you can find me on Instagram and on my social media to follow some moments of my island life…

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