Visit of the Malta Aquarium.

EgliseStGeorgeThe wonderful ceiling of the Saint Georges Church in Victoria (Gozo).

JarinVictoria1 JardinVictoria2A walk in the public garden of Victoria with my mum.

RamlaBayQuick stop on the Ramla Bay beach.

GgantijaGgantija2 Ggantija3The Ggantija Temples, a UNESCO world heritage site.
These ruins are about 5600 years old.
It’s crazy to think that they were built before the egyptian pyramids or Stonehenge.
(Learn more here.)

Promenade1 Promenade2A testing morning walk with a pretty reward at the end…

AzureWindow3 AzureWindow2Mandatory stop at Azure Window, this natural arch which opens a window to the horizon.

PlageArriving  in the Hondoq bay (just near where I live) for a quick swim.

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