week, malta, gozo, comino, blue lagoonAn afternoon spent at the Blue Lagoon in Comino last monday. They were too many people, unfortunately… I didn’t appreciate the place as much as I thought I would. I really look forward to September, to be able to go back in a more peaceful ambiance.

I have been quite absent this week and I apologize. My mother spent seven days at my place, and I have been busy showing her great things in Gozo and spending quality time with her rather than posting on the blog, mea culpa.

I am writing right now some new posts for next week, and they will be published in time !
Well, I shouldn’t make such promises, knowing that a few friends are coming Monday to visit us during ten days. I hope they will sleep late in the morning though, so I could get some work done ! 😉

nuitvictoriaNight walk in the citadel of Victoria, which offers a great view of the town.

egliseqalaNo, it’s not Christmas yet ! Just some celebration in Qala, where I live. The church is all lit up for the occasion.
In Gozo, we call these celebrations “festa”. They are religious feasts which celebrate each or each Saint, and they take place all summer in different villages. Each festa lasts for about a week. For the occasion, the streets are decorated with lights, banners, sculptures and pillars… That’s really pretty. 

gleb-charlotteA stroll in the salt pans near Marsalforn.

behindthescenesBehind the scenes : how my mother takes her holiday pictures.

bananasplitA special banana split (seriously… with strawberry and pistachio ice cream ?!) which was finally quite good.

fau-qalaMalta, and especially Gozo, is known for its numerous fireworks. When it is set off near our home, we go to our rooftop to enjoy a pretty romantic moment. 


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