For this friday’s “Pretty Week” post, I wanted to talk about my favourite series. These past few years, they have taken an important place in our daily distractions, and they tend to overshadow movies.
I remember that when I was a teen, I watched two to three films almost every weekend : at least one at night, sometimes during the afternoon if the weather was gloomy and if I hadn’t too much “homework”. Series were not so common at that time, and neither was the high-speed internet, which would make watching streaming way more difficult. At home, we had a nice collection of DVD’s, and my parents’ friends often gave us usb keys full of movies.

I don’t watch a lot of films anymore. When I pick one, it’s usually because I really liked the trailer or the review I read about it, or because it’s a classic that I love – I’ve stoped couting the times I’ve watched Mulholland Drive from David Lynch.
No, now, I always go for series. There are the ones I watch with Gleb : Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, Grimm, Suits, Fringe, Sherlock, The Blacklist or The Strain. There are the ones I watch alone : House of Cards, Masters of Sex, How I Met Your Mother, X-Files, Dexter. There are the ones I talk about with my friends (since I can’t watch with them) : Gossip Girl, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars (even if I’m a bit ashamed of that last one).

I even use an app on my smartphone (TVShow Time) in which you can register all the series you watch, and check off the episodes once you’re done. It’s super practical to remember at which episode you actually are, and the app even sends you a notification when a new episode is released.

One of Gleb and I last favourite was the series Parks and Recreation. It’s the story of a group of public workers who run the parks and recreaction department of a small american town, Pawnee.
I was a bit skeptical at first : even though I was certain Gleb would love it, I was not so sure about myself. But I was wrong ! We binge watched the 7 seasons in a record time. It’s hilarious, the characters are endearing and well performed, and if you like to get lost on the Internet like me, you may have noticed that some extracts of this series led to cult gifs and memes.


I also recently finished the 3rd seaon of House of Cards, a series I loved seeing becoming darker and darker over the episodes. The Blacklist has also been one of my all time favourites, and I’m impatiently waiting for the next season, because the last one has left us unsatisfied.
I’ve also liked Revenge a lot, even if the last season is a bit tiresome. But don’t spoil me, I still have 4 episodes to watch !

Now, I’m curious to know which series you watch, and what you think about them ! And if you have good ones to recommend, I’de be happy to hear which ones : we can never have enough !

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