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I haven’t always been fond of September – it kind of is the “monday” of the year – but I learned to appreciate this month over time. Especially since I’m living in Malta. I have to admit that the prospect of a cooler weather sounds nice to me. As I write, it’s currently 35°C outside, and even if I’m the happiest girl at the idea of sunshine all-year long, a soft breeze would be great. It’s not much to ask, just a 20-25° weather, come on !

Let’s skip this annoyins subject to an… other annoying one. Understand : “september resolutions”. Yes, I took a couple ones, starting by working out more. If you read me from time to time, you may know that I love working out, but I’ve neglected my sessions this summer. Well, the weather was too hot to run, walk or even raise your arms in the air, and this even at 7a.m. (this post is a loop). And also, I’m almost ashamed to say that, but I was busier spending time with my family, my friends and Gleb, swimming in my pool, reading nice books, chilling at the terrace of a restaurant or watching classic movies (my favourite hobby) rather than doing push ups. In a word, holidays. But still, I walked, swam and explored a lot this summer, so I haven’t been “suffering” too much from my lack of sport activity.

That being said ! It’s not a reason to keep going this way, so I started the Top Body Challenge last monday, which is a quite popular fitness program among the francophone community. As you may know, I’ve already tried Insanity, T25 and the Bikini Body Guide. I like to workout at home, without constraint, at whatever time I wish, but I find it hard to be regular and motivated if I don’t have a well defined “plan” that tells me which session I should do.
Since I can’t afford a personal trainer yet, these fitness guides are totally suited to my lifestyle, and I like discovering new ones so I don’t get bored.
Therefore, it was time for me to try this famous TBC. For the moment, I love it ! I prefer it (by far !) to the Bikini Body Guide. The sessions are less focused on cardio but more on strength training, which I like. Even if the moves are basic in their form – I mean, you don’t have to perform a triple backflip – they still are difficult to hold. When I’m asked to do 40 “standing butterfly” with dumbbells, I wince. But I really enjoy doing my sessions, which hasn’t always been the case with other fitness guides. I’m still waiting to see how the next weeks are before I talk more about this program, but for now, I’ll stick to it.

Talking about food now, this summer hasn’t been perfect either, but I wanted to indulge a bit, so I haven’t especially watch what I’ve been eating. I took my good habits back though, whith more mixed salads, less snacks, and a lot of green tea throughout the day.

All of this inspired me several posts about fitness and wellness, and I intend to work on that soon ! I take this opportunity to ask you if you’re more interested in a subject in particular ? For example, my menus for a week, the food I buy when I go grocery shopping, some workout routine ideas…

Did you take some good resolutions this month ? Whether they are about food, fitness or a whole different topic, I want to know everything, so tell me in the comments below. And enjoy your weekend !

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