the-pretty-week-41-chocolat-uneI received the most beautiful chocolate bar this week !

Some changes have made their appearance on the blog these days ! I decided to reinstall a new version of my template because I had a lot of script issues lately, without really knowing what the problem was. I have also changed the design a bit, with something sleeker that suits me more. Sorry for this specific jargon, but that is also part of the blog, behind the scenes… a lot of time spent adjusting technical aspects ! Besides, if you notice some display issues, please let me know. It’s possible that there are still a few hiccups here and there.

Between that that required a few days of work and an other professional project I was working on this week, I’ve been pretty busy. Fortunately, the weekend looks much calmer ! My plans : cooking biscuits to offer to friends at whom I am invited, and relaxing by the pool. I’m sending lots of sun your way ! What do you have planned ?

the-pretty-week-41-cookiesBiscuits in progress… The recipe will be up on the blog next week !

the-pretty-week-41-ferryFrom the ferry that links Malta and Gozo.

pretty-week-41-salade-crevettesPretty prawn salad in a super cool new place : Captain Spriss, in Victoria.

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