pretty-week-42-greenStroll through the streets of Victoria… A post with more pictures will be up on the blog next week.

I hope you’re enjoying this long weekend, if you’re lucky enough to have one ! The Ascension is not a public holiday in Malta, but we still took the opportunity to eat lunch outside on thursday, and we spent the afternoon in Victoria (the main town of Gozo). Summer is slowly making an appearance here, and I’m looking forward to finally go swimming ! Now that I‘m officially in my third and last trimester of pregnancy, I think swimming will do wonders for me.

The weeks are going by way too fast, and even if I can’t wait to be in August, I’d like to slow down the time… Within the next few weeks, I will start buying everything we need for our daughter. It’s about time ! I’m not going to prepare the nursery right now because I hope we will move house before I give birth – fingers crossed – but buying all the necessary baby stuff will already be a big step ahead. Wish me luck ! 😉

pretty-week-42-bougainvillierDreamy patio…

Crazy about my new sandals (San Marina), gift from my mom.

Ah, Gozo’s doors and their pretty details…

My favourite breakfast, currently.

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