pretty-week-piscineI took this picture two weeks ago, but it perfectly shows what I intend to do this week-end : resting as much as I can ! By the pool, it’s even nicer… 

I hope this article will send some sunshine your way… The weather in Europe has been capricious these days, so if you’re currently under the rain I wish you a lot of beautiful sunny days !

This week has been very quiet on my side. At this stage of my pregnancy, I have a hard time conducting my usual activities and I need to rest more. I take this as an opportunity to buy everything I need for the baby (it’s about time, I’m eight weeks away from my due date and nothing’s ready yet…).  I hope I will be able to get some rest this weekend, since I’ve been feeling more tired than usual recently. Meanwhile, a nice dinner outside with friends is awaiting me tonight. The best way to unwind a bit ! I wish you a great weekend, and I want to thank you for your presence, your messages, your comments… Even though I can be slow to answer sometimes, I want you to know that I always read everything with great interest.

pretty-week-smoothieSmoothie and baby bump.

pretty-week-bloomersMy first creations for my daughter : these cute little bloomers. And the good news is that I will share the tutorial on my blog very soon…

pretty-week-chatsWhen we go to bed at night, Fluffy and Plioush always follow us and spend the night cuddling at our feet. I’m dying at the cuteness…

pretty-week-coutureA lot of sewing projects ahead ! Ever since I got my sewing machine back, nothing can stop me. By the way, if you know some blog or website where I could find some cute DIY for baby, I’d be happy to hear your recommendations.

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