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Why you should get a gym membership and start lifting weights.

One week ago, I decided to get a gym membership. Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I workout quite often, but always in the comfort of my own living room… I used to have a gym membership when I was still living in Rennes, but I must admit that I wasn’t using it a lot. My favourite kinds of workout were the ones you can find on videos, for example the Insanity program. My boyfriend and I also owned a complete body building appliance as well as an elliptical. Therefore, I wasn’t feeling the need to go to the gym as often as I should have.

Why did I get a gym membership ?

When we moved to Gozo, we obviously didn’t take our bulky gym appliances with us, so my sessions were limited to some cardio and strength training with my own body weight or small dumbbells of a few kilograms. To give you an idea of what my sessions look like, I rotate between cardio, strength training or pilates videos that I find on Youtube, running sessions outside, and finally some paying programs such as the Bikini Body Guide, the Top Body Challenge, Insanity or T25.

Now that I’ve been living in Gozo for more than a year and a half, I’m getting bored with my home sessions and I want to get things moving a bit ! It was time for me to get a new gym membership. The good thing is, my boyfriend, who used to practice a lot of sports – but stopped for several years after a serious kite surf accident – decided to go to the gym with me ! It’s so much better and funnier to workout as a couple…

We chose a small gym situated in Victoria. I had already tried it once with a friend of mine and I really enjoyed the place because the owner is really attentive to his clients’ needs, and he takes the time to explain which exercises to do, and how. He’s practically like a personal coach ! In a nutshell, a really friendly gym with good appliances. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that this gym is very small, but the place should expand within next year.

My goals and expectations

Going back to the gym will allow me to share my sessions and my progress with you. My goal is not to loose weight, but rather to gain muscles to obtain a firmer and more toned body. I would also like to gain strength, but don’t worry, I don’t intend to start a bodybuilding career ! 😉

For the moment, my sessions look like this : I start with about 20 minutes of cardio – bike, elliptical or treadmill – followed by 45 to 80 minutes of strength training and weight lifting. I hope I will manage to do 4 to 5 sessions a week ! I complete at home with small sessions of cardio, stretching or yoga.

On this blog, I would like to share some advice on how to use the gym appliance, the number of sets and repetitions you should be doing, what are the best weight lifting exercises… for those of you who are a bit intimidated by strength training. These torture tools are not easy to use when you are a beginner, and I know a lot of women who don’t dare going in their gym’s weight lifting area by fear of being ridiculous. This, plus the popular misconception that lifting weights will “make you look like a man”… I think that I have a few posts to write about this subject, and I hope you’re interested !

Do you have a gym membership or do you workout at home ? Maybe both, maybe none ?

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