Mon expérience de grossesse : le premier et le deuxième trimestre.

217 DAYS


Tic, tac. This week, I’m entering my eighth month of pregnancy. In this post, I am going to talk about the seven previous months. Two trimesters and the beginning of the third, 217 days in total. Time is going by so fast…

I wasn’t sure if I should write this type of post or not. One day yes, one day no, don’t blame the hormones but my permanent indecision. A part of me believes that these posts are a little “voyeuristic”, but on the other hand I enjoy reading them. I remember that even before getting pregnant, I used to love reading articles about pregnancy, birth, child development. This is a subject that has always fascinated me and I have learned a lot of things through my readings. Things that are useful to me today, that helped me live my pregnancy with great serenity. Thus, I’ve decided to write this post after all, while trying to preserve my secret garden. If it can help even just one of you, then I would have made the right choice. Nevertheless, we need to keep in mind that every pregnancy is different, and that my experience may be totally different from yours…

The first trimester of pregnancy (1 to 12 weeks)

We’re going to bite the bullet because this was – by far – the most difficult time of my pregnancy.

I found out I was pregnant after four weeks and I had no specific symptoms during the first month, apart from some mild dizziness after my workout sessions.

But after, things started to get worse… From the beginning of the second month, nausea appeared. It was quite violent, I could barely feed myself, I was disgusted by everything and I was eating only the equivalent of one meal a day (and most of the time, I was vomiting half of it). I lost more than three kilos during this first trimester. It can be confusing to lose weight while you’re pregnant, but at this stage it doesn’t affect the development of the embryo. My doctor assured me that the baby was taking all the necessary nutrients for its growth, and that if one of us had to be deficient of something, it would be me and not the baby. So I wasn’t really concerned about it and I tried to manage nausea as much as I could. I didn’t post much on the blog during this time because I was spending my days in bed, and I was so disgusted by everything that even the idea of writing blog posts used to make me want to vomit… It’s quite difficult to imagine !

When I really had to take it upon me, it was during the Christmas holidays : Gleb and I traveled to France to spend the holidays with my family and I had to save face until Christmas’ Eve because I hadn’t told the news yet… It was my little Christmas surprise. Right after, we went a few days to the Canary Islands, in Tenerife, to visit family. I must admit I had a hard time enjoying our stay because I was still very sick…

Nausea and fatigue began to fade in the early fourth month. Luckily, it was around that time that Gleb and I went together to Venice for a short week. I managed to enjoy the trip and discover this beautiful city with great serenity, I almost felt reborn after being sick for two long months.

What I liked :

– My dating ultrasound at 5 weeks pregnant. The baby looks like a grain of rice, but you can already see a little beating heart !
– The announcement to my family at Christmas.
– Our three trips to France, to Tenerife and to Venice.
– The choice of two potential names, boy or girl. We made up our mind very quickly !

What I hated :

– Hum… everything else ? Nausea, daily vomiting, fatigue…

Évolution à 16 et 19 semaines de grossesse (deuxième trimestre).
At 16 and 20 weeks pregnant (fourth and fifth month).

The second trimester of pregnancy (13 to 25 weeks)

A renaissance ! When the nausea finally vanish, you feel reborn.

During the second trimester, I had no symptoms, to the point that if it wasn’t for my bump that began to appear, I would have forgotten I was pregnant. No mood swings, no cravings, no pain whatsoever, no unusual tiredness… I got back to my usual workout routine – that I adapted a little bit – and I continued to live normally .

I started to feel the baby move quite early in the fourth month (at 16 weeks of pregnancy). No hesitation, I immediately knew that this was the baby. It felt like very light strokes around my navel, a funny feeling ! A month later, in the middle of the fifth months (at 19 weeks) we found out the sex of the baby… a girl ! And apparently, a big one already… A few days later, I was announcing the news on this blog, without disclosing if it was a girl or a boy.

Around that time, I started having some insomnia issues. I used to wake up very early (around 4am), and going back to sleep was impossible. I was compensating with a nap in the afternoon… Fortunately, this lasted only ten days or so.

I also flew for the sixth time since the beginning of my pregnancy ! In early April, we spent two weeks in France with my family. This was our last trip before the baby arrives… While I found the flight more uncomfortable than usual, everything went very well.

The sixth month has passed as peacefully as the rest of the second trimester. Still no disturbing symptoms, just a growing baby bump. I had to let go of my classic jeans and buy my first maternity jeans (and these things are so comfy…).

What I liked :

– Feeling the baby move more and more and seeing my bump grow.
– The first morpho ultrasound. Even though I have a quick scan every month, this one was done on a more sophisticated equipment so we could see the baby in details… and learn that it was a girl ! A tall and big baby, according to my doctor.
– The announcement of my pregnancy on the blog and your kind wishes in return!

What I hated :

– Insomnia, but hopefully that only lasted a dozen of days.

Évolution à 21 et 22 semaines de grossesse (deuxième trimestre).
At 21 and 22 weeks of pregnancy (late fifth and early sixth month).

The third trimester of pregnancy (seventh month, 26 to 30 weeks)

I can not talk about the entire third trimester yet, but only about the seventh month.

Still no cravings, no mood swings, no back pain, cramps or swollen legs. Knock on wood ! The only thing I’ve been feeling much more this month is fatigue… I sleep very badly, wake up before dawn, have a hard time going back to sleep and I compensate by staying in bed very late in the morning. It’s really the only thing that’s been affecting me in the last two weeks. As I get up late, I lack energy during the day, so I’m not very productive and it tends to depress me a little bit.

So far, I was living like I used to before getting pregnant, without changing anything in my daily life. Now, I have to take it easy, regarding the house chores for example. If I do too much cleaning during the day, I have a lot of contractions in the evening. At this point, it is normal to have some (they are called Braxton Hicks contractions and their aim is to prepare the uterus for the D-day). But mine were sometimes quite painful, so I thought it was wiser to get some rest.

During the seventh month, we also got our second morpho ultrasound and we could see the face of our daughter ! My doctor printed a picture of it, it’s pretty amazing and I wasn’t expecting to see so much details with a simple 2D ultrasound. Otherwise, all is well : the heart, the brain and the spine show no abnormality, the umbilical cord is very long, and the placenta – which was a bit too low so far – is starting to go up. A tall and big baby announced, our daughter’s weight was estimated at 2kg at almost 29 weeks of pregnancy, which is about 800 grams more than average at this stage. Moreover, during this month, I’ve been feeling her move more than ever ! My stomach is deformed all the time by her kicks and his dad and I get to “grab” her feet and hands through my belly. We love it and I think the baby loves it too, because she never stops… Sometimes, I even wonder if she sleeps.

As for me, at 31 weeks of pregnancy (early eighth month), I have gained + 4 kg. I realize that this may not seem much, but all women are not equal regarding weight gain, so no hasty judgments please. As you can see, the baby and I are in perfect shape.

What I liked :

– The second morpho ultrasound, where we saw that everything was going perfectly fine.
– Feeling my baby more active than ever.

What I hated :

The really bad sleep I’ve been getting.
Painful contractions that force me to rest more (and that prevent me from mopping the floor, but that’s not really a bad thing, right ?).

Évolution à 26 et 27 semaines de grossesse (deuxième trimestre).
At 26 and 27 weeks of pregnancy (seventh month).

In two months – if I’m still here ! – I will be sharing my experience regarding the end of the third trimester of pregnancy. Meanwhile, if you have questions or if you want to share your pregnancy experience in the comments section, I will be happy to read it and answer you !

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