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Winter is not the only season where you need to take care of your skin. Summer can be quite harsh too ! Between the sun that dehydrates the skin, the heat that makes it shine and a chaotic lifestyle that makes it look dull and tired, a mask from time to time can’t do no wrong. And since every problem has a solution, I’m sharing three face masks recipes, for a radiant skin all sumer long (and it also works the rest of the year, I promise) !

1. Hydrate : the after-sun face mask.

After several sun exposures, with the wrong sunscreen – or worse : none ! – your skin is completely dry and desperately needs some comfort.

The solution : aloea vera + greek yoghurt, for 30 minutes.
No need to introduce the aloe vera, this magical plant that hydrates and protects skin and hair. As I always say, it’s better to use the natural product, that means opening an aloe vera leaf and using the juice that’s inside. If you don’t have a plant at home, try to use a natural aloe vera gel, and above all without alcoohol.
The yoghurt is great to deeply nourish the skin and to balance its ph.

A small trick : you can use aloe vera directly on sunburns or insect bites to ease the pain. And for your dry skin, try to drink a lot of water too !

2. Matify : the heat wave face mask.

It’s difficult to keep a clean and matt complexion when it’s more than 30°C outside ! But it’s possible to improve an oily skin problem with this simple mask.

The solution : cucumber + egg white, for 20 minutes.
Finely chop a quarter of cucumber and mix it with an egg white. Apply this on your face with a clean foundation brush.
The cucumber regulates the sebum production and clears your skin without drying it. The egg white accts like a “skin tensor” and helps closing the pores.

A small trick : use a matifying cream in the morning, and if you need to wear makeup, add a base that will help keeping your makeup in place despite the heat. If you can, try to stay “bare face” as long as possible, to let your skin breathe.

3. Wake up : the tired face mask.

We can’t always take a vacation in the summer, but there is no way we’re going to pass on the late cocktails in the garden with this nice weather. If your skin is feeling tired, no worries !

The solution : oat flakes + egg yolk, for 30 minutes.
Chop a handful of oat flakes (or blend them) and mix them with an egg yolk.
Oat flakes are awesome to soothe the skin, “repulp” it and give it a better aspect. I love using this ingredient on my face ! The egg yolk is great to brighten a dull complexion and to nourish the skin.

A small trick : drink at least 2 liters of water a day (mojitos don’t count) and… sleep a little, if possible.

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