Un make-up avec seulement 4 produits de maquillage.



Step by step tutorial to do a fresh makeup with only 4 beauty products !

You hit the gym before commuting to work, you do your makeup in the train or you just want to reduce the amount of beauty products in your bathroom cabinet ? In any case, you need a minimal beauty bag, that you can easily take with you during the day. What if I showed you how to do a nice makeup look with only four makeup products ? Let’s do it !

The 4 makeup products you will need :

– A concealer, here the Diorskin Nude Concealer from Dior (shade 001 Ivory).
– A lipstick in a pink or coral shade, here the Rouge Éclat from Clarins (shade 08 Coral Pink).
– A brown eyeshadow duo or trio, here the Trio Dégradé Mat from Yves Rocher.
– A black or brown mascara, here the Lash Sensational from Maybelline.

The accessories :

– A beauty blender sponge, wet.
– A small angled brush.

A tutorial to reproduce an easy makeup for everyday.

1 – On a clean and moisturised skin, apply your concealer with the help of a wet beauty blender. The aim is to cover dark circles, redness and blemishes.
2 – With a small angled brush, use the brown eyeshadow to fill in your eyebrows.
3 – Then, apply the brown eyeshadow with your finger, in the crease of the eyelid. Don’t hesitate to blend it well.
4 – If you want to, you can apply a bit of light and shimmery eyeshadow under your eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye to brighten your eyes.

Do your makeup with 4 products only, with this tutorial.

5 – With the angled brush, take a small amount of mascara directly on its wand.
6 – Draw a line just above the uper lashline. Let it dry a few moments, then slightly blend it with the brush for a more natural look.
7 – Use what’s left on the brush to underline the lower lashline.
8 – Apply your mascara as usual.

Step by step tutorial to do your makeup with only four products.

9 – Take your pink or coral lipstick and apply a good layer on the back of your hand.
10 – With your wet beauty blender, take the colour from your hand.
11 – Apply the colour from your cheekbones towards your temples, by gently tapping the beauty blender on your skin. You will get the same effect as if you were using a creamy blush. Reiterate the steps 9, 10 and 11 if the result is too discreet for your liking.
12 – Apply the lipstick on your lips and slightly blend it with your finger for a more natural result.

And voilà, this is the final look, a makeup done with only four products ! Impressive, right ?
The good thing is that you get a colour-coordinated makeup, which is perfect to obtain a fresh and natural look. There’s no need to carry all of your bathroom cabinet in your handbag anymore…

The quickest and easiest makeup tutorial.Fresh and natural look with only four makeup products !

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