5 ingrédients à rajouter dans votre bain pour un moment de détente.



5 ingredients you can add to your bath for a relaxing moment.

Ah, December… This is one of my favourite months. For Christmas, of course, but also because I love to treat myself with a warm and relaxing bath when the temperatures go down. Give me a book, a TV show and a cup of tea, and I could stay in for hours.
But before I go meet my tub again, I’m going to share with you the list of 5 ingredients I like to add to my bath to make it more relaxing and beneficial to my skin !

Milk and honey

The legend says Cleopatra used to take donkey milk baths to soften her skin. Without going that far, you can add one liter of milk – whole milk if possible – to the water of your bath. This will moisturise your skin and leave it really soft. For an even more obvious effect, you can warm the milk beforehand and add approximately 5 tbsp of honey.

Baking soda

If the hard water tends to irritate your skin, this ingredient is the one for you ! Add a glass of baking soda to your bath to get a soft water, that will also benefit your tired legs and feet.

Sea salt

My favourite ingredient after a good workout session ! Sea salt is well known to ease cramps and sore muscles. I put the equivalent of two cups into my bath. Some might say that you can then add a few carots and let simmer, but don’t listen to them…

How to prepare a relaxing bath that will also benefit your skin.

Green tea

I recently discovered this tip because I had never thought of it before ! Infuse a few bags of green tea into your bath (I use 6 most of the time) to get a water full of antioxidants, the best for a beautiful and healty skin !

Essential oil of rose

This essential oil is perfect to deeply relax and make it easier to get to sleep, and I strongly recommend it if you are prone to stress or insomnia. Add a dozen of drops into your bath.

Do you have other tips for a relaxing bath, other ingredients you like to use ?

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