Un tuto pour créer un makeup 70s.



Un tuto pour créer un makeup 70s.

 The seventies are trendy this season ! The vintage atmosphere is all over this fall 2015’s collections : denim shirts, flare trousers, suede accessories… Why shouldn’t we also bring our makeup 45 years back ? That’s what I did, and I am sharing with you my tutorial to create a 70s makeup look that doesn’t look like you are wearing a costume.

Tutoriel pour réaliser un makeup 70s.1 – Once my complexion is done, I apply a primer on my eyelids to help my makeup last. I use the Pore Minimiser from The Body Shop.
2 – With a flat brush, I apply a champagne eye shadow all over my mobile eyelid.
3 – Then, I take a thick tip brush and I roughly apply a taupe eye shadow in the crease and on the outer corner of my eye.
4 – With a clean fluffy brush, I do circular motions to blend the eye shadow all over my eyelid.

Comment faire un makeup 70s ? 5 – Now, let’s get down to business : the eyeliner, the main element of this 70s makeup ! I’ve been using the liquide liner from Guerlain for a long time, because I find it easy to apply thanks to its precise tip. I start with the flick, that I draw from the outer corner of the eye, going slightly up to the temple.
6 – Then, I draw a simple and thin line right above the lashes, and I connect it to the flick.
7 – I thicken the line a bit and I create a curve so that the line and the flick become one.
8 – Finally, I thicken the line a bit more to make it more noticeable. If I slip, I use a q-tip and a bit of concealer.

Tuto en images pour réaliser un makeup 70s.9 – Then, I apply one coat of  black mascara.
10 – With a small angled brush, I take a small amount of mascara and I draw a few dots under my lower lashline to give the impression of fuller lashes. Think Twiggy, in a more subtle way…
11 – Finally, I apply a peach bronzer on my cheekbones and my temples.
12 – To finish this 70s makeup look, I add loose powder and a nude lipstick. I used the Crystal Sheer from Kiko in the shade 403.

And this is the finished result ! I hope you enjoyed this 70s makeup tutorial ! Don’t hesitate to replicate this at home to be the trendiest this winter…

Primer : Tea Tree Pore Minimiser The Body Shop ❘ Champagne eye-shadow : Trio Dégradé Mat (31 Taupe Fumé) Yves Rocher  Taupe eyeshadow : Eyeshadow Sephora Eyeliner : Eyeliner Guerlain Mascara : Lash Sensational Maybelline Bronzer : Terracota (00) Guerlain Loose powder : HD Powder Make Up For Ever Lipstick : Crystal Sheer 403 Kiko.

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Do you like the 70s trend ?
Would you easily wear this 70s makeup ? 

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