The Blue Dress Girl devant le paysage maltais.


I was born in France an grew up in the countryside of Brittany.
After my baccalauréat, I moved to Rennes in order to pursue my studies in International Economics and Management. At the same time, I was also working in high-end clothing stores – Comptoir des Cotonnier at first, then Liu Jo – to pay my rent.
Two years later, I decided to quit the economy field to study modern litterature, something I’ve always been passionate about. At the same time, I met Gleb, the man who is now sharing my life.
My litterature studies were quite brief… In May 2014, we packed our suitcase, took our two cats with us and left everything behind. We had decided to left France for a small paradise where the sun always shines : the island of Gozo, the jewel of the maltese archipelago.
Two months later, the web adventure begins : I decided to create The Blue Dress Girl, a blog that allows me to share my personal style, my maltese life and my travels.

In August 2016, we became the happy parents of a little girl named Scarlett.

The Blue Dress Girl

I’ve created this blog after my expatriation, in order to easily share my thoughts about my new maltese life. At first, with my beloved ones, and now with many new readers who join me each month. Therefore, little by little, I created a guide of Malta and Gozo. On the internet, it is sometimes difficult to find relevant informations about the archipelago. It was time to remedy this situation and to help you discover this beautiful yet little known island !

I also discuss other topics that are part of my daily life and of many other women’s : beauty, fitness, recipes, home decor, fashion…
My goal is to provide tips and ideas to those who share the same interests.
In return, I love reading your tricks and your advice, and that’s the reason why I love discussing with you via the blog comments, or on my social media.

Even if they are quite rare, I sometimes publish posts that are sponsored or written in partnership with a brand (this represents less than 5% of my total content). These posts always contain one of these two logos :

This logo means that the post is sponsored. The brand paid me to write a post about them, or to be mentioned in one of my posts (a selection of spring dresses, for example).

This logo means that the post has been written in partnership with a brand. I’ve received an accessory, a beauty product to try, or any other product in exchange for a post on my blog. It can also be a giveaway organised with the brand in order to make you win a gift.

My opinion is not for sale and I can guarantee you that all sponsored posts you can find on The Blue Dress Girl have been written in total honesty. Wether I am talking positively or negatively about a product, the opinion you are reading is always mine and personal. If a brand tries to influence my words, I simply refuse to work with this company.

You have a question, a suggestion, or you just want to speak with me ?
You can contact me via this page, I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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