Makeup automnal dans les tons bruns.



Autumn is officially there ! Says the girl who is currently enjoying a 28°C weather on her island… Whatever, in my mind the yellow leaves are already swirling in the wind. Even my beauty habits have switched to winter time, since I am sharing my first autumn makeup of the year today.

For this autumn makeup tutorial, I’ve used :

make-up-automnal-81- I start by applying a primer on my whole eyelid to help my makeup last longer.
2- Then, I apply a light golden shadow (1) on my mobile eyelid.
3- With a thick tip brush, I put a dark brown shade (2) in the crease and on the outer corner of my upper eyelid. Don’t worry if the result is not perfect because we are going to blend everything afterwards.
4- With a clean blending brush, I take and orangey shadow (3) and I use it to blend the brown shadow over the whole mobile eyelid. To do so, I make small circular moves.

5- Then, I wipe my blending brush off and I take an ivory shade (4). With it, I’m going to blend the outline of the smokey, up to my eyebrow. This will enable me to obtain a natural and well blended makeup.
6- I wipe my brush off once again and I take a pearly eyeshadow (6) that I am going to apply under my brow and on the inner corner to brighten my eye.
7- With a small angled brush, I draw a line along the base of the bottom lashes with the golden shade (1).
8- With a thick tip brush, I take the orangey shade (3) and I use it to blend the line I just drew.

make-up-automnal-109- I take my little angled brush back and this time, I draw a thin line along the base of the upper lashes with a dark brown cream eyeshadow (5). Then, I blur this line with the tip brush and the orangey shade (3).
10- I curl my lashes and I put on my black mascara.
11- On my lips, I apply a brown cream lipstick.
12- And this is the final product ! A light golden smokey eye, perfect for the day !

I hope that you liked this autumn makeup tutorial and that you will enjoy wearing it this season. It’s easy to master and makes quite an impression… while still being natural. The perfect makeup for work !

 Do you like this tutorial ?
Would you wear this type of makeup in your everyday life ?

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