First of all, I would like to thank each one of you for your sweet words following my pregnancy announcement last week ! I already said it on Facebook or Instagram : I really enjoyed reading your comments and answering them. It’s in these moments that I realise I’m glad I started blogging, when we can have a connexion like that !

Then I wanted to write a quick post to give you some news about my pregnancy and what it will change for the blog.
I haven’t posted much in the recent months. First because the first trimester was quite difficult, and in addition it coincided with the holiday season. Second because, as you can imagine, my thoughts have been elsewhere…
Now that I feel much better, I got back to a more regular schedule, but I will continue to work as I used to : I never force myself to publish posts if I don’t feel like it or if I’m uninspired. I prefer to offer quality content once or twice a week, rather than a sloppy post every day. There are so many other blogs out there that I don’t think you’re missing me anyway !
The Blue Dress Girl is a hobby and not a job, I intend to keep it that way and I don’t want to impose a strict schedule on myself, particularly during this time.

Regarding my pregnancy, I’m still thinking about how I will incorporate it on the blog. I don’t want to turn into a “maternity blogger” and share every moment of my daily life with baby, or inundate you with shopping selections for “bibs and rompers”… There are a lot of moms who already do it very well, and this is not for me…
But let’s be realistic : this is a new stage of my life and it is unthinkable for me not to talk about it on my blog from time to time, not to share tricks and tips that could help others women. Pregnancy is – usually – a magical moment, and if I didn’t stoped myself I could talk about it all day long… As you can imagine, this unborn baby is constantly on my mind, and therefore I have a lot of post ideas related to the topic. I think these posts could interest the majority of you, whether you are already a parent or you intend to become one one day. But I also know that some readers may not enjoy reading this type of posts and don’t appreciate maternity-related publications.

So I thought about incorporating a new “space” on the blog, a sort of “blog in the blog” where my baby posts would be published and where the readers who are interested could come read them, without this disturbing others. Basically, my maternity posts would not appear on the home page of the blog, but only in a separate section.
I don’t know yet if I will put this idea into practice, because it will take some work. After all, the readers who are not interested in the subject can move on and come back an other day, when a relevant article appears. Just like some of you might not be interested in my food posts, but enjoy reading my beauty posts…

Anyway, I am thinking about all of this, and your opinion would really help me see more clearly ! Whether you like the maternity-related posts, or wether the topic doesn’t interest you at all, feel free to leave me your feelings in the comments, to tell me what you would like to read – or not – on The Blue Dress Girl. You are the one reading the blog, after all, so it seems normal to me that you can have your say on the content ! So, baby section apart ? Or do I continue to normally publish a post about it from time to time ?

And for those of you who are interested in my maternity posts, don’t hesitate to tell me if you would like me to cover a particular subject ! For example, I will soon be talking about working out during pregancy, because this is a topic that divides people, and I was myself a bit lost at first…

Anyway, thank you again for your kindness, I am delighted to share bits and pieces of this new chapter with you !

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