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As many of you, I have my daily readings on the web. You know, these blogs you feel the need to visit every day to avoid missing one single post ? I’m sharing the list of my ten favourites with you, hoping this post will enable you to discover – or rediscover ! – some of them.

1. Cupcakes and Cashmere

The californian Emily Schuman’s blog is by far my favourite. I’ve been following her for years and I almost feel like I know here “for real”, by now. Focused on lifestyle, fashion and cooking, she is sharing very inspiring posts (two per day !). Needless to say I visit her blog each time to read them, like a groupie.

2. La Vie en Blonde

Not only is she the writer of this beauty blog, Mathilde Lacombe is also the editorial director of Birchbox France. I started to read her blog when her young beauty box was still called “Jolie Box”, when Birchbox hadn’t conquered the hexagon yet. As you can imagine, this young mother is quite busy, and the posts on her blog are getting rarer, but still excellent.

3. Gal Meets Glam

In the same vein as “Cupcakes and Cashmere”, we have Julia Engel’s blog, an adorable young woman based in San Fransisco. Her pictures – taken by her husband – are absolutely beautiful, and her cute outfits are perfect to me. She travels a lot and makes me want to discover beautiful corners of the world.

4. Et Pourquoi Pas Coline

Coline’s blog is really popular among the french community. I find her adorable and I admire her great dressing style. Everything suits her, even the most surprising outfit ! And her videos full of good mood and good humor are a pleasure to watch.

5. Barefoot Blonde

You might have seen some pictures of the new-yorker Amber on Instagram already, with her braided hair and her cute baby. She’s mainly sharing her personal life and her numerous travels on her blog, always with her son by her side. But if you’re not really fond of children, you might get bored… You can still enjoy her great hair tutorials to make all kinds of beautiful braids !

6. You Make Fashion

I couldn’t explain why I follow Margot’s blog, which is far from my universe. I’m probably fond of her personality full of energy !

7. Gary Pepper Girl

I visit this blog mainly for the pictures, which are simply magical. And for Nicole Warne’s outfits, of course, which are always full of elegance.

8. Le Soin, Le Soin, Le Soin !

Diana is a biochemist who shares her opinion about many cosmetics and beauty product. Needless to say, she knows what she’s talking about ! Her posts are well written and I totaly trust her advice.

9. Mango and Salt

Victoria, french girl based in Barcelona, shares her sober but chic looks and her tips to eat more healthily. She will please the vegans with her original recipes !

10. Tuula Vintage

Jessica Stein travels all around the world, and we get amazing pictures, breathtaking landscapes, good addresses to try, dreamy hotels… Should I say more ?

What are your favourite blogs and your daily readings ?

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