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A few weeks ago, during a visit to The Body Shop, I was tempted by their new Himalayan charcoal face mask. Apart from terrorizing my daughter, did this skincare reveal other dazzling capacities ? Let’s find out together…

The Body Shop is a brand that I’m very fond of and I have often written about it on this blog. By the way, I am not sponsored by the brand (unfortunately… my wallet would be the first delighted to be). I like their mid-range skincare which is not tested on animals and made with fair trade products… Well, do I really need to keep introducing this brand everyone knows ? The only thing that I deplore very often is the price point, which can sometimes be a bit too high.

This is what almost stopped me from buying this mask. 20€ for a 75ml jar, for a brand that is neither organic nor luxury… hum. That being said, I still bought it. I chose the purifying glow mask with Himalayan charcoal. What a program !

Obviously, it contains bamboo charcoal that comes from the foothills of the Himalayas. Well, that means nobody climbed the Everest to fill my jar, I’m disappointed…
This mask also contains green tea leaves from Japan (which we can see very well in the jar), organic tea tree oil and clay (among other things).

Is the charcoal face mask from The Body Shop efficient ?

First impressions

The mask has a clayey texture, which is thick and somewhat grainy, due to the green tea leaves. It spreads very easily on the skin. In 30 seconds, the mask is set ! Usually, I make my own face masks and they can be quite difficut to apply. So that’s a change and I’m already delighted.
The smell is a bit particular. The tea tree oil is very fragrant. I’m not a big fan of these camphorated smells, but it’s totally bearable.
The texture is very fresh and tingles a bit during the first few minutes, but nothing bad. After a while, the mask hardens like a classic clay treatment. It pulls a bit, but it’s not unpleasant.
Things get interesting when the time comes to remove the mask…
Warm water is not enough, I had to rub my skin with a wet towel to remove all traces of it. The good point is the grainy texture of the mask, which offers a gentle scrub upon rinsing.

Did I notice a purifying effect ?

From the first use, I was able to see conclusive results. The skin feels soft and fresh afterwards, as if I had just taken a breath of fresh air in the mountains. I really had the impression that my skin was “purified” and it clearly looked more radiant.
After repeating the operation twice a week for a month, I found that this charcoal face mask was doing a lot of good to my skin. However, I will continue using it with only one single weekly application, because this skincare is powerful and could easily irritate the skin.

Should I buy it or not ?

All in all, this Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask (next time, please find a shorter name) is a very good product : it spreads easily, is pleasant to use and leaves a fresh and glowy skin. One downside, however : this mask is quite difficult to remove, so I advise you to put it on your face just before your shower, so you’ll be able to rinse it more easily.
I think this product is per
fect for oily, combination or normal skin. Very dry or very sensitive skins may react a little violently to this treatment. It’s better to use a more suitable product.
The brand recommends to use this mask three times a week. After trying it twice a week for a month, I think it’s too much. In my opinion, one weekly application is enough.
As for the price, is it justified ? Well, after a few hesitation, I will say yes. Using this mask is a pleasant and relaxing experience. The jar lasts long and the results on the skin are noticeable. What more can I ask ?

Review on The Body Shop charcoal face mask.

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