Changing the world – in our own way – while surfing the web. What if it was possible ?  The idea may seem utopian, but a few online plateforms have set up surprising environmental and humanitarian projects. And the good thing is, you can help with one single click. Let me tell you a few words about this.

Don’t ask Google… ask Ecosia

A Google search is something we make quite often, even daily for those of us who spend a lot of time behind a computer. Imagine if every search made could allow one tree to be planted… This is now possible, thanks to Ecosia.

It’s a simple principle : with every search made, Ecosia earns a few cents, thanks to the ads generated on the search engine. And every time Ecosia earns 28 cents, a tree is planted. A small counter at the top of the site tells you how many trees were planted thanks to you :

ecosia-search-engine-treesNot bad, right ? Imagine through the course of a year…

This doesn’t cost you anything, and the results you will obtain are almost identical as the ones you would get with Google (Ecosia uses Bing, a search engine with results that are very similar to Google’s). In short, there is no constraint for you. The only difference is that you will contribute to the safeguard of trees. Worth it, don’t you think ?

How does it work ? Advertisers pay Ecosia to appear in the first search results, and Ecosia use this money to plant trees. Simple as that.


The trees are mainly planted in Peru, Burkina Faso and Madagascar. The obviously help to safeguard the environment and the biodiversity, but they also benefit the populations of those countries. Indeed, forests can regulate water cycles and help fight the drought. Therefore, the agriculture becomes more thriving and the populations can harvest the forest’s products in a sustainable way. This is a virtuous circle that also enables jobs to be created. You can find more information on Ecosia’s website.

Donating… for free ?

So we are on our way to plant thousands of trees without making efforts. Now, what about the rest ? Can we also offer vaccines, meals or textbooks for free ? You guessed it, the answer is yes. You might have heard of Goodeed. The principle is simple : you choose the donation you’d like to make (for example, a meal) and an advertising video or a website will appear on your screen. You just need to watch the ad or visit the site for at least 20 seconds for your donation to be saved. Then, you have to confirm your donation with one simple click, and voilà ! Your “good deed” is done ! That being said, don’t hesitate to make several donations a day. This will only take a few seconds of your time and it can change lives (and the daily amount of donations you can make is limited). For example, 3 donations per day mean 90 children vaccinated against polio every month.


How does it work ? Advertisers pay Goodeed to have their ad or website broadcasted when someone makes a donation. Then, Goodeed gives this money to their partner NGOs in order to fund the donations made by the community.

Every day, you can choose to plant trees, donate meals to those who are starving or vaccines to the children who don’t have access to them. But special projects are also set up on a regular basis. For example, right now, you can donate books for the children in Morocco or send chlorine tablets to purify the water in Haiti.

I hope this post will inspire you to do a bit more for the planet and people in need. These actions won’t cost you anything but a few seconds of your day, and they can make a huge difference. Try and think about it, to change the world in your own way.

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