Test et avis du nettoyant crème fraîcheur à l'arbre à thé de chez The Body Shop.



Review of the tea tree cool and creamy face wash by The Body Shop.

Today, I’m going to talk about skincare, with my loyal companion of the moment : the tea tree cool and creamy face wash from The Body Shop. By now, you must know how much I love this brand, and I always enjoy trying new skincare products from them (and I promise, I’m not being paid to do so).

I went to my Body Shop store the other day to pick up my tea tree facial wash, because my skin is a bit capricious these days and I needed an anti-blemish skincare. This was before I noticed this new product : the cool and creamy face wash. To be honest, I don’t know for how long it’s been available, but I never saw that facial wash before in my local store.

Eventually I came home with this little newcomer, happy about the fact that I could try a new face wash that seemed perfectly suited to my combination skin and to the colder weather. Indeed, the brand promises a “cool and creamy face wash suitable for blemished skin, that will leave your skin spotlessly clean without over-drying it“.

Let’s get to the point : I’m totally fond of this product ! The promises made are delivered. But let’s talk about this facial wash a bit more…

The texture and the cooling effect

This face wash has a creamy texture that doesn’t foam at all. At first, it could be a bit disconcerting if you’re not used to it, but in the end I find it really pleasant to use. For my face, I need a small amount of product that I massage into my wet skin with circular motions during one minute.
Perfect for my combination skin, this creamy texture doesn’t dry out my skin, already weakened by the colder weather. However, my skin is left very clean and I can really feel the cooling effect ! This is what impressed me the most in this product… this fresh sensation is so pleasant ! Especially after a good workout session. This cooling effect must also be very nice in the summer time.

The texture of the tea tree cool and creamy face wash by The Body Shop.

Is it an efficient makeup removal ?

It’s average. Let’s say that if you wear a heavy makeup, in particular on the eyes, I really advise you to use a cleansing milk or a micellar water beforehand, to take off as much makeup as possible. But for a light makeup like I usually wear – foundation, concealer, mascara – there’s no problem at all !
You might want to avoid using the cool and creamy face wash over your eyes, though. The tea tree oil can be a bit irritating. I use it everywhere on my face because I’m used to it, but sensitive eyes might not enjoy it that much…

Is it an efficient blemish removal ?

It’s quite good ! The few blemishes I have on my forehead are almost gone. However, I doubt that this cool and creamy face wash is the main reason why… I also use tea tree oil as a local treatment and I think it helped a lot. In addition, I’m lucky enough to not have a lot of blemishes most of the time (sorry…), so I can’t really judge the efficiency of this product on an acneic skin. Maybe someone can tell us more about it in the comment section ?

The little extra

The tea tree oil used in this product is organic and comes from Community Fair Trade (it’s often the case with The Body Shop). The skincare itself is not organic and the whole ingredient list isn’t green, but for those of you who are okay with it, this is a good start.
Like every other product of this brand, this facial wash has not been tested on animals, it needed to be said.

In a nutshell

This cool and creamy face wash is now part of my daily beauty routine and I use it twice a day. I really like its texture that doesn’t dry out my skin, but instead leaves it clean and really fresh, while helping me get rid of my blemishes. However, if you wear a heavy makeup, it’s better to use a makeup remover first, especially around the eyes…

→ Where can I find it ? On The Body Shop e-shop or in store, for 8.50€.

What is your favourite facial wash for this time of year ?

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