Mes nouveaux favoris beauté : soins et maquillage.



My current beauty favorites : skincare and makeup.

Let’s talk about my current beauty favorites : all the makeup and skincare products I really loved these past few months.

Cleanser : Moisturising Facial Wash – Simple

Among my current beauty favorites, this Simple moisturising facial wash.

Recently, my skin got particularly dry, and finding a mild facial wash to replace my usual one has been more than necessary. I discovered this one in my supermarket and decided to give it a try. Since I already loved the brand Simple, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed… and I was right, since this facial wash is probably the best I’ve ever tried. And trust me, I’ve tried a lot.
Its soap free formula foams very well, takes all of my makeup off (even on the eyes), is very mild and nice to use, and my skin still feels comfortable afterwards. I don’t know if this product has something to do with it, but I really noticed an improvement in the quality of my skin since I’ve been using it. I strongly recommend this cleanser if you are prone to dry skin, yet can’t do without water to remove your makeup ! Besides, the price is ridiculous…

Serum : Vitamin E Facial Oil – The Body Shop

Among my current beauty favorites, this vitamin E facial oil from The Body Shop.

With no surprise, this is yet another The Body Shop item that joins my beauty favorites… I can assure you that I’m not being paid by the brand to promote their products (I wish I was, given how much I spend in their store, it would save me a lot of money !). All joking aside, this is where I buy most of my skincare when I need something new, and I’m rarely disappointed.
As a result of my little dry skin problem, I had decided it was time for me to use a serum under my moisturiser, and I chose to try this vitamin E facial oil, meant to “moisturise, comfort and help protect the skin”. Verdict : the oil penetrates the skin quickly, moisturises it without leaving it oily or sticky, and the pipette is very practical to use. I’m not usually a “serum person” – I prefer to do as quick and simple as possible when it comes to my beauty routine – but I must admit that I can’t do without this facial oil anymore, especially at night.

Matte fluid foundation  : Mat Lumière – Chanel

Among my current beauty favorites, this Mat Lumière foundation from Chanel.

I am quite demanding when it comes to foundation, and I’m always disappointed by the drugstore ones (except for Bourjois, perhaps ?).
Foundations from Chanel are my favorites, and with the advice of a saleswoman, I opted for one I had never tried before : the Mat Lumière. I chose the lightest shade (Clair 20), which is still a bit dark for me. It will be perfect when spring comes, though. Meanwhile, I use it sparingly and I blend the product well on my skin.
This foundation has a liquide texture that I love, is really easy to apply with a wet beauty blender, and offers a medium coverage. This is perfect to hide a tired face and a few blemishes.
Regarding the matte finish, promise kept ! No shine in sight, despite the use of the serum I was talking about earlier. The SPF15 is nice to have, too.
You can find a before/after picture of me wearing this foundation at the end of this post, if you would like to judge the finish result by yourself.

Skin perfecting hydrating concealer : Diorskin Nude Concealer – Dior

Among my current beauty favorites, this Diorskin Nude Concealer form Dior.

This makeup product is my biggest crush lately, and would probably deserve to be number one in all my beauty favorites posts. I’m always looking for the perfect concealer, because I have dark circles under my eyes, even after a good night sleep… and I want to hide them as much as possible.
When I buy makeup products in a cosmetic store, I usually go for Lancôme or Chanel, and rarely Dior. That’s why I want to thank the saleswoman who talked to me about this miraculous little concealer ! Not only does it perfectly cover my under eye area and my blemishes, but it also matches my skintone very well (shade Ivory 001). If your skin is as fair as mine in the winter, you probably know that this is not always easy to find…

My current beauty favorites : foundation Mat Lumière, Chanel and Diorskin Nude Concealer, Dior.

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