Que mettre dans sa valise de maternité.



There are a lot of blog posts out there about the content of the maternity bag. But most of the time, I find that these young moms pack way too many things with them, as they don’t really know what to expect. One day, I came across a young woman’s blog saying that she had packed fifteen little onesies for a three-day hospital stay ! My daughter, who is almost two months, doesn’t even own that many…

I’m a very light packer and taking the integrality of my closet with me seemed counterproductive. I didn’t want to clutter my maternity bag unnecessarily, in a time when everything should be simple. Therefore, I did my research and trusted my instinct : I packed all my things and the baby’s in one little cabin-suitcase (for the room) and a tote bag (for the delivery room). I had it right because I didn’t miss one single thing. And to be completely honest… I even managed to pack to much.

In this post, I am sharing the essential items baby and I really needed during our hospital stay. I hope this will help you prepare your own maternity bag.


What I used :What baby used :
– Plastic flip-flops
– A water mist
– A hair tie
– A smartphone and a camera (+ chargers)
– My pillow
– Coins (these are for the dad to be, so that he can eat from the vending machine)

– Shower gel, bath towel
– Comfy pajamas
– A disposable brief and maternity pads (two, because you’ll wear them overlaped during the first few days)

– One diaper
– One onesie, pajamas, one cardigan
– One beanie, mittens, socks
– One blanket

Even if I spent 14 hours in the delivery room, I didn’t use one single thing. I didn’t get the epidural and the pain was too intense to allow me to do anything. I was quite naive to believe that I would be able to listen to some music, watch a movie or even… read ! The only things that were useful were the dad’s smartphone (to put on some soothing music and keep our family posted), the camera and the water mist.
To move around, I had taken my plastic flip-flops with me. I find them more practical than sleepers, especially because you can wash them easily. Even if I had packed a big tee-shirt for myself, I only wore the hospital gown : I was comfortable in it, and it was one less thing to wash afterwards !
I also brought my own pillow to be more comfortable.
After the skin-to-skin and once my daughter gone to receive her first care with her dad, a midwife helped me take a shower before she took me to my room. Bring some toiletry items and a towel with you, as well as your first outfit and maternity pads.



I only stayed two days at the hospital (I gave birth at 6:15 pm on a monday and got home at 1 pm the following wednesday). I had packed enough in my maternity bag for three to four days. If you have to stay longer, the dad or someone close can bring you what you need.

What I used :What baby used :
Clothes :
– Two maternity bras and some maternity pads (a box is largely enough).
– Comfy pajamas, black or dark. I wore four in two days.
– Plastic flip-flops (the same ones used in the delivery room).
– A going home outfit : I just wore the outfit I had on when I arrived at the hospital.
– Two plastic bags for the dirty laundry.

Hygiene :
– A LOT of XXL maternity pads (in pharmacy) : I used almost 50 in 72 hours.  It can be scary reading this, but let me tell you you’ll really need them the first few days. Especially because you will be wearing two pads overlaped.
– Disposable briefs, approximately 6 : all right, these are ugly, but they are very comfortable and totally essentials. Don’t buy cotton underwear, it will get ruined.
– A small and empty water bottle : to rince yourself with cold water when you go to the bathroom. I didn’t get an episiotomy, yet this water bottle has been of a great help… So think about it !
– A toiletry bag : toothbrush and toothpaste, face cleanser, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, face and body cream, deodorant, lip balm, hair brush, hair ties.
– Some makeup, only the strict necessary : concealer, blush and mascara.
– Two bath towels.

Comfort :
– My pillow and a spare pillow case.
– Tissues.
– Smartphone, camera, computer, earphones. And the chargers.
– Some snacks and drinks (I got REALLY thirsty).
– A mug and fennel infusions to help with the milk supply. It’s nice to have a warm drink throughout the day.

Clothes :
– Three onesies
– Three pajamas
– One cardigan
– One beanie
– One pair of socks
– One pair of mittens

Hygiene :
– A dozen diapers
– One bath towel

Comfort :
– One blanket
– Two cotton swaddles (or large burp clothes)
– A stuffed animal (useless for a newborn, but so cute…)

I used more clothes for myself than for my daughter… So take a lot of clothes, especially a lot of pants. And choose dark ones, it will be less awkward if you have a little accident. I know that some women prefer to wear real outfits during their hospital stay, but for me it was pajamas or nothing ! For once, I had a good excuse for wearing them all day long… Nowadays you can find really pretty ones if you want to be comfortable yet elegant while receiving visitors.
Regarding baby, unless your little one is spitting up a lot, you shouldn’t be needing much. Count two changes per day (onesie and pajamas) to be sure to have enough. As for the diapers, I only used a dozen. But then again, it can vary a lot between one baby and another. I had packed a full packet just in case.
For the baby clothes’ size, unless you are expecting a very small baby (if it’s the case, you know it), don’t bother buying newborn sizes… One month will be fine. It was the perfect size for my daughter whose weight was in the normal range (3,275kg for 50cm).




The things I packed but left in my maternity bag.

For me :For baby :
– All the things I packed for the delivery room : I had taken too many things. Entertainments, wet wipes, my toothbrush and a few toiletry items just in case, socks, two tee-shirts… As I mentionned earlier, I didn’t use any of that ! That said, if you get the epidural, you might find the time quite long, so it’s up to you.
– A hair dryer : I had taken that in case I got an episiotomy, to dry up the scar, but I didn’t need it.
– A book : I didn’t find the time to open it, and when I got some free time I chose to watch a movie instead.
– A nipple cream : to this day, I haven’t opened the tube (knock on wood) !
– Two pajamas and onesies.
– One cardigan.
– Some diapers.
– The going home outfit : unless you want to take pictures, it’s not really useful… My daughter went home wearing pajamas. Comfort first !
– Washing gel, cotton, diaper cream, body oil : supplied by the hospital.

I hope this post was useful and I’d like to know what you packed/will pack in your maternity bag !

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