Who says new season, says new needs. It’s been a while since I bought myself a little something, therefore I have a lot of things on my wishlist ! I took the opportunity to share it with you and tell you all about the fashion, beauty and home items I’d like to buy this autumn.


1. This pretty Claudie Pierlot dress. My favourite winter outfit ? A long sleeve dress, tights and heels. I’m loving this simple dress because of the beautiful sleeves, which make all the difference.

2. A pair of high heel booties. Thanks to the maltese weather, I’ll be able to wear sandals for at least a few weeks, but I’m flying to France soon, and arriving in flip-flops would not be a great idea.

3. A small hand bag. Ever since I became a mom, I put my personal stuff in my daughter’s diaper bag when I go out. I’d like to find a pretty bag, not too big, so that I can have my things on hand : my keys, my phone and my wallet. What I really like about this one is the fact that it can be worn on the shoulder or as a backpack. Very practical to stroll around Gozo, especially with a baby.

4. Comptoir des Cotonniers jeans. You probably don’t know that, but I used to work in a Comptoir des Cotonniers store when I was a student. That’s how I discovered their well cut, comfortable and flattering jeans (and pants). The two pairs I bought back then have seen their day and I’d like to find a new one, dark and classic.wishlist-beaute-automne

5. A foundation brush. I really want to try these new brushes to apply foundation. Apparently, the result is quite nice ! Did you try it already ?

6. A body brush. I’ve been wanted to try dry brushing for a long time, because I read a lot of good things about this technic. It involves brushing your dry body before a shower, to exfoliate the skin and improve the blood circulation.

7. The lipstick “Chilean Sunset” from Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder collection. Usually, I don’t really care about new makeup collections. But when I came across this Instagram picture, I knew this bright red was going to become a makeup staple. The shade, my favourite to wear on my nails or lips, is perfect for my skin tone.

8. The new Dyson hair dryer. 99% of the time, I let my hair air dry, and that’s it. When I make an effort, I like to blow dry it. But I must admit : it’s time consuming (especially with my long and thick hair), and hello cramped arms ! The new Dyson hair dryer is quite appealing because the drying time is apparently very short, the hair is not damaged and the result is outstanding. But the price tage is outstanding as well, so this hair dryer will probably stay on my wishlist, instead of being in my bathroom.

9. A small basket for my living room. My daughter’s toys and burp cloths are accumulating everywhere (mainly in a corner of my couch) and I really need a nice basket to store them at the end of the day.

10. An other basket… for my daughter’s room, this time. To put her stuffed animals and bigger toys. I love these pompom baskets that are very trendy currently !

11. A pretty blanket for my couch. It’s still very warm in Malta, but the nights are getting quite chilly (23°C can be considered chilly, right ?) and I like being able to watch a movie under a blanket with a cuppa.

12. A new bed set. Every new season, I want to change my bed linen. Something I never do, in the end. But this winter, for sure, I will try and find something new for my bedroom. I like this neutral and chic bed set, very cosy.

What are the things you’d like to buy this autumn ?

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