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Since the day the first smartphones were released, the applications haven’t stoped multiplying. From the calendar to the image editor, including the games or the currency converters, you can now do everything and anything with a phone. Today, you can even get fit thanks to this precious little object ! You will still have to sweat a little bit for this, though… I am sharing with you a list of the best free applications that will help you get a flat belly with defined abs.


  • Caynax A6W (available on the Play Store only)
    An app that I personally use. Developed by the bodybuilder Joe Weider, this program lasts 42 days and promise you a flat belly if you do the exercises everyday (with the help of a healthy diet, of course). The sessions are divided into 6 different exercises. You have to do several repetitions and series, depending on your advancement in the program. A calendar allows you to know exactly where you are and what is your daily training. During the session, a voice will guide you so you will know which movement to execute, and some pictures will help you master the moves.
    The pros : an easy to use application, with simple and well explained exercises, and some really good results if you stick to it everyday. Some options allow you to follow your weight curve, and you can add pictures of your progress.
    The cons : it is hard to follow the program until the end, because the last sessions last more than an hour ! Not easy to fit this into your daily schedule, especially when only one part of the body is trained. An other con : the exercises are quickly becoming monotonous.
  • Abs in 8 minutes (available on the App Store and the Play Store)
    A really good and perfectly detailed application. The exercises are illustrated by 3D videos and the moves are explained in details to avoid a bad posture. Here again, you will find a calendar that allows you to follow precisely your progress.
    The pros : some great illustrations, a really good calendar system, a large variety of exercises. You will get good results if you stick to it.
    The cons : an 8 minute session can seem a bit short to the sporty ones.
  • Runtastic Six Pack (available on the App Store and the Play Store)
    A complete application with a great variety of exercises, ranked according to their level of difficulty. You will surely find what you need in this app. In addition, the Runtastic applications offer other types of programs, especially a running and a bike training.
    The pros : you can create your own training by picking yourself some exercises, or you can follow a program created by the app. Then, you will be able to consult a graph with your progress and your performance.
    The cons : the free version is not really complete. To fully enjoy the application, you will have to buy some additional packs. Nevertheless, the free version is already enough to get an opinion about the app and to decide wether it’s worth your money or not.
  • Daily Abs Exercises (available on the App Store and the Play Store)
    This application offers clear and precise videos. You can create your own personalised training, or you can choose to simply realise some of the exercises proposed.
    The pros : you can choose the duration of your session.
    The cons : the free version is not compete and contains adds. For a better experience, you will have to buy it. The application is a bit limited though, there is no calendar or way to keep track of your progress.



  • I want results : Caynax A6W, Abs in 8 Minutes.
  • I’m looking for pre made and well explained trainings, and I want to keep a precise track of my progress : Caynax A6W, Abs in 8 Minutes, Runtastic Six Pack.
  • I want to be independent and to create my own sessions : Runtastic Six Pack, Daily Abs Exercises.
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