Comment voyager pendant dix jours avec un simple bagage à main ?



How to travel light with only a hand luggage for ten days.

To continue with my series of posts dedicated to travel, I am sharing the content of my hand luggage for ten days ! For my trip to Brittany, I decided to travel light and only took a hand luggage of 10 kgs with me. I cheat a bit since I am staying at my mother’s, where I have a few things that belong to me, and I obviously have access to a washing machine. However, it is still possible to travel with this hand luggage for ten days even if you are staying at the hotel, and I will show you how in this post.

The clothes

The clothes you need to have in your hand luggage for ten days.

I agree, this is not really colorful… But I purposefully brought monochromatic clothes with me in order to match them more easily. With the pieces you see on the picture, I can create 7 different outfits, some that are comfy and perfect for the day, and other that are more appropriate for the evening.
All in all, I took two pairs of jeans, two sweaters, a cardigan, a long sleeves shirt, a tee-shirt, a skirt, a dress, a pajamas, a workout outfit, a trench coat, a scarf and a hat.
Regarding my shoes, I only took black pumps that I was wearing during the flight. I cheated a bit because my mother wears the same size as me, so I know that I can always borrow some shoes from her if I need to. In a different case, I would advise you to take an elegant pair of shoes (boots, comfy pumps or sandals regarding the destination) as well as a pair of sneakers that will be very practical to explore or to workout.

Everything else

The items you need in your hand luggage for ten days.

Of course, I took my computer and my external hard drive, my 1kg camera (that doesn’t appear on the picture since, you know, I was using it to take the photograph…), my chargers, a book, my phone and earphones, my wallet and an empty handbag that I will use on the spot. I obviously added my toiletry and makeup bags. To know what I put in them, I invite you to read this post I posted last week.

A simple hand luggage to travel during ten days.

Et voilà ! We have a hand luggage for ten days, which weighs approximately 9kg (cat non included). Not bad, right ? However, I think I will have to add a suitcase to my return ticket because I will probably have a hard time avoiding doing some shopping once in Rennes…

Do you have essentials when you are traveling ?
Do you manage to travel light or are you the kind of person who brings way too many things ?

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