Une sélection de films d'horreur à regarder pour Halloween !



Une sélection de films d'horreur à regarder pour Halloween !

Halloweeen is in 10 days and I’ve been wanting to write a nice post about this holiday. I was thinking about creating a DIY, but I was honestly lacking inspiration. I wasn’t feeling like posting yet an other pumpkin craving or spider-cookie tutorial… But then, what ?
Halloween is about the weird and the horror. We dress ourselves to scare people, we watch scary movies while eating candy… Well, why not writing about my favourite horror movies ?

As a huge cinema-lover, I am surprised that I’ve never written about this subject before. I especially enjoy psychological thrillers, if possible with a twist ending. The more the suspens, the more the fear, the more I enjoy it. I let you discover this list of my favourite horror movies and thrillers.

Mulholland Drive by David Lynch

With Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux.

affiche-film-mulholland-driveBetty, newly arrived to Los Angeles to become a movie star, crosses the path of a woman who became amnesic after a car accident. Together, they will try to find her real identity.

This movie is not only my favourite thriller. This is also my favourite movie, ever. I doubt I will ever find an other masterpiece that I will enjoy as much as this gem. Those who know Lynch can easily imagine the dreamlike and frightening universe of Mulholland Drive. Give close attention to details, be focused, and be ready for an amazing twist ending. This is the kind of movie that you enjoy even more when you watch it for the second time.

Diabolique by Jeremiah S. Chechik

With Isabelle Adjani, Sharon Stone, Chazz Palmintery.

affiche-film-diaboliqueMia is an english teacher and the the wife of Guy, the headmaster of a boy’s college. Nicole is a math teacher and the mistress of Guy, the headmaster of a boy’s college. This could be a sadly ordinary story, but the two women are actually friends and are going to try to get rid of their abusive husband and lover.

This movie is an adaptation of the thriller Diabolique released in 1954. I haven’t seen the original because I believe I would be disappointed since I love the 1996 version so much. The Adjani-Stone duo is a delight.

Misery by Rob Reiner

With Rob Reiner, Kathy Bates, Lauren Bacall.

affiche-film-miseryPaul Sheldon is a famous writer thanks to his saga Misery. During a blizzard, his car slips on the snow and ends up in a ravine. Hopefully, Annie, a retired nurse who also happens to be an inconditional fan of Misery, comes to rescue him.

I really enjoyed this movie, even if I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. This trhiller was almost entirely filmed behind closed doors, an atmosphere that I particularly like. The plot made me really uncomfortable and I was snatched up by Reiner’s universe. Special mention for the actors who are absolutely amazing, especially Kathy Bates.

What Lies Beneath by Robert Zemeckis

With Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer.

affiche-film-apparencesOnce their daughter gone to university, the doctor Norman Spencer and his wife Claire are left alone in their big house. Claire is feeling lonely and she’s starting to feel inexplicable things, which always seem to lead her to her new strange neighbours…

A classic and efficient horror movie. The plot and the acting are a bit weak, the end is predictable, but the suspense is palpable and the atmosphere is oppressive. Ideal for a halloween movie night ! However, don’t make the mistake to watch it while you’re all alone at night…

Identity by James Mangold

With John Cusack, Ray Liotta, Amanda Peet.

affiche-film-identityDuring a big storm, ten strangers get stuck in a motel in the midle of the desert. During the night, they’re all getting murdered one after the other and they start to suspect each other. But they will eventually discover that they all have something in common… 

If you like Agatha Christie and her Ten Little Niggers, you will probably like this scary thriller. The plot can be a bit predictable, but you will still spend a good moment with this movie.

Gone Girl by David Fincher

With Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike.

affiche-film-gone-girlWhile he was returning home, Nick found his living room upside down and discovered that his wife was missing. The police quickly suspects that Nick murdered his wife, and the strange behavior of the man only reinforces this feeling. 

Gone Girl doesn’t really fit into the horror movies category, but I had to mention it because I really like it. Oppressive atmosphere, fear and suspense.

Ils by Xavier Palud and David Moreau

With Olivia Bonamy, Michaël Cohen.

affiche-film-ilsLucas and Clémentine, a young couple, just moved to Romania in a huge house situated in the countryside. During a stormy night, the phone rings but nobody is speaking on the line. This is the beginning of a long oppressive and nightmarish night for our two protagonists.

I’ve seen this movie a handful of times, but I still don’t really know how I feel about it. I believe that the final scene left me unsatisfied. But what I retain from this movie is that it really, really scares me. Oh, and by the way, this is a french movie. You see, you’re already afraid…

The Orphanage by Juan Antonio Bayona

With Belén Rueda, Fernando Cayo.

affiche-film-orphelinatLaura decides to buy the old orphanage in which she grew up. Her project ? Restoring it with the help of her husband to create a facility for children with difficulties. However, Laura’s dreams are destroyed when Simon, the couple’s son, disappear. She begins to see things she shouldn’t be able to see…

I hesitated before adding this movie to the list, because it doesn’t really fit into the horror category, according to me. However, the Orphanage meets all the criteria : a plot of with a lot of suspense, a few oppressive moments, and a really nice twist ending.

Wrong Turn by Rob Schmidt

With Desmond Harrington, Eliza Dushku, Emmanuelle Chriqui.

affiche-film-detour-mortelStucked in trafic and late for an important meeting, Chris decides to take a shortcut in the woods. On the way, he hits a group of young campers’ car. The group decides to go get some help, but this is not really what they are going to find…

Finally, a classic horror movie that teenagers enjoy, which will be perfect for your Halloween party. The plot isn’t worth a Hitchcock and the acting isn’t worth DiCaprio’s, but this movie is efficient and will certainly scare the sh*t out of you, to speak honestly.

I could have listed a lot of other scary thrillers that I love : Shutter Island, The Others, Blue Velvet, Psycho, to name a few, but this list would’ve been too long. But for tonight, since we are October 21st 2015, I’m going to watch Back To The Future !

If you know any good psychological thriller, mention it below because I have a hard time finding ones that I don’t already know !
What are your favourite horror movies ?

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