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Find movies that you and your better half will both enjoy !

I don’t know how things work for you, but in my home, choosing a movie for the evening is not a piece of cake. Regarding TV shows, no problem : Gleb and I have the same taste most of the time. But when it comes to choosing a movie… that’s another story, my friend.

Fortunately, we just found THE website that is about to solve our problem of cinematographic incompatibility. I’m sharing the info with you because the concept is great and works really well. You will probably be interested if you and your better half never get to agree on a movie to watch ! And if you don’t have this problem… just know that I hate you.

Find movies that you and your
better half will both enjoy !

This weekend, in a moment of despair and extreme frustration (yes, absolutely), Gleb typed something like “movie night couple how to agree” on Google. Without much hope, I won’t lie. And yet… We didn’t know we were about to discover the tool that was going to change our TV nights forever, Date Night Movie.
The concept : you choose the movie you absolutely want to watch that night, the person with you chooses the movie he/she absolutely wants to watch that night, and you just let the magic happen. The website will generate several recommendations that both of you might enjoy, based on the two films you just chose.

I must say that we were impressed by the recommendations that emerged ! The downside : it works so well that we had already seen most of the movies proposed But this is proof that the algorithm is able to identify our preferences in order to show us movies that match our personal taste.
Regarding the rest of the selection, most of the picks were movies we both wanted to watch ! This is a little miracle if you consider that we usually spend more time fighting agreeing on what to watch than actually watching the film.

Date Night Movies : less fighting, more watching.

We tried it several times, each time using movies one loves but the other hates (for example, Galaxy Quest for him and Mulholland Drive for me). Again, the recommendations were spot on, despite the fact that our two options were the opposite of each other ! We even had a few recommendations that kept coming back : apparently, the website really wanted us to watch The Dark Knight Rises or Harry Potter 1 that night… Two movies that we both love. Really impressive !

I immediately told Gleb that I had to mention this movie generator on my blog, because it could save couples, and perhaps even lives… So here you go, don’t thank me, enjoy this new miracle of the Internet wisely. The only thing missing to achieve perfection is a version for TV shows, but meanwhile, we can already eat our popcorn in peace…
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