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My readers have probably noticed this already : I don’t really do “tags”. I, by the way, apologize to every bloggers who have once asked me to answer their questions, but if I had said yes everytime, this blog would be full of these tags, which are not always really interesting…
For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, a “tag” is a series of questions to which a blogger answers in a post, before mentioning a few other bloggers who should answer these questions too.
Mounia recently asked me to answer her beauty tag and I gladly accepted : the questions seemed interesting and will enable me to share a little more about my beauty and makeup habits. Let’s go !

● How many times do you wash your face during the day ?
At least twice, sometimes more. Morning and night, I use my tea tree facial wash from The Body Shop with a sponge (an exfoliating one in the morning, a softer one at night) and water. If I have worn makeup during the day, I take it off with coconut oil first.
I often wash my face three times in a day because I workout a lot, and a shower is necessary after my session. If things were simple, I would workout right after waking up to continue with my morning shower, or at the end of the day so that I could wash my face right after my workout, but they aren’t. I can’t maintain a precise schedule, and I often feel like working out before noon or in the middle of the afternoon.

● Do you use an eye cream ?
Yes ! These past few years, I have been using a Clarins eye cream, but I wasn’t very consistent. I recently bought the eye concentrate from The Body Shop, and I’ve been using it morning and night ever since. Even if I am still young, I want to prevent skin ageing as soon as possible.

● What do you think about fake eye lashes ?
I admire those girls who have the patience to put fake lashes on every morning ! As far as I’m concerned, I prefer keeping thinks natural, but for an important event, pretty, elegant and subtle fake lashes can really make a difference. Meanwhile, I prefer using fortifying products, but I’m not against the idea of having eyelashes extensions one day, if I manage to find a really good salon.

● What is your favourite mascara ?
I haven’t find the Holy Grail yet and I’ve never bought the same twice. But I really like the mascaras from Gemey-Maybelline !

● Do you apply a primer under your eye-shadow ?
Never… First, because I don’t wear eye-shadow really often (when I’m wearing makeup on a daily basis, I keep things really simple), and second because I never think about buying these kinds of beauty products. But the Primer Potion from Urban Decay has been on my wish list for a while, and I will buy it one day or an other.

● Felt eyeliner or eye pencil ?
Neither of them… liquid eyeliner ! This is the best product to obtain a clean, precise and thin line. Felt liners are usually too thick, not enough pigmented and they don’t last very long.
I’ve been using the liquid eyeliner from Givenchy for years and I like it, it is long lasting and really easy to apply !

Are you clumsy when you put your makeup on ?
Not at all ! If I know the product, I can dose it perfectly (on myself, at least). Drawing with an eyeliner, an eye pencil or a lipstick is not a problem for me.

● If you had to go out with only one makeup product, what would it be ?
Concealer, without a doubt ! Most of the time, this is the only thing I wear when I go out. I hate the fact that I have really bad dark circles, and spots on and around my nose because of the sun.

● You favourite lipgloss ?
I never wear lipgloss and I’m not even sure if I can find one in my beauty bag… I don’t really like the effect on me.

● What item would you like to have ?
A Clarisonic brush to clean my skin deeper. I’ve been addicted to brushes and other facial sponges for a while (more about that soon), and I’d really like to try this electric brush !

You are all invited to answer these beauty questions
or to share your personal opinion in the comments !

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