The Blue Dress Girl parle de ses mauvaises habitudes beauté.



Charlotte from The Blue Dress Girl is talking about her bad beauty habits.

Even when you’re a beauty adict who’s trying to take care of herself, you can take bad beauty habits sometimes ! Wether they are anchored deep inside or just temporary, being aware of them is already a first step towards a bad habit free life.

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1 – Biting my nails

I’ve started biting my nails when I was three or four, so I’ve been doing that for quite some time now. I’ve tried everything : bitter nailpolish, pretty nailpolish, bandages on my nails, keeping my hands busy, fake nails, spells on full moon nights, exorcism… nothing worked. Is it stress ? It is a tic ? I don’t know.
I manage to stop from time to time, but this never lasts very long. I did a good job last summer, I managed to obtain long nails that I enjoyed painting, and then boom. This said, I’m quite motivated at the moment to get rid of this bad habit once and for all, and I think I’m on the right track.

2 – Eating too much sugar

I eat relatively clean and I try to avoid industrial products. However, I have a huge sugar addiction, to a point where I feel a hunger even a whole chicken couldn’t fill if I don’t have my sugar fix at night. I’m trying to fight it, I swear, but I fail 80% of the time. I don’t really know where this comes from, since I was healthily fed as a child. No, my parents were not stuffing my with strawberry sirup and buttercream cupcakes before putting me to bed. Anyway, this is a bad habit for my skin and for my health in general…

3 – Shaving

Third on my list of bad beauty habits, shaving. It is so much better to use wax or an electrical hair remover ! But you see, I’m too sensitive and not patient enough for that… So, I’m seriously considering the laser hair removal in a near future. Has anyone ever tried this technique ?

4 – Never using body lotion

“Never” is a bit exaggerated, but let’s say I use body lotion… twice a month ? Woah, bad girl. I simply don’t have the patience to apply it when I step out of the shower, to wait for it to sink in, and to stick to my clothes in the end anyway. However, I just discovered THE product that will probably change this and help me get rid of this bad habit for good. I’ll tell you more soon !

5 – Sun exposure

I live in a country where the weather is amazing nine months over twelve so, obviously, I can’t really avoid that. And I confess my crime : I enjoy sunbathing during the summer… It’s very rare when I do it with no sunscreen on, but unfortunately, it can happen. And I never think about puting sunscrean again when I get out of the water. A bad habit I really need to get rid of soon !

6 – Touching my face all day long

I constantly bring my hands to my face without really noticing. Of course, I end up puting bacterias on my skin, and they are certainly not welcome… What should I do ? Tie my hands behind my back and type my posts with my nose ? That wouldn’t solve the problem… but at least this would stop me from biting my nails. I will consider this.

7 – Pulling my split ends

This is not a current problem because I’ve cut my hair short at the beginning of the year and I’ve taken well care of it ever since, so no split ends on sight (ouf). However, I know that when I find one, I can’t help myself from spliting it in two and pulling it. This is barbaric and it only makes it worst, but the urge is stronger than me, your Honor.

8 – Not using eye cream

Well, no, this bad beauty habit is not much of a big deal. But if I want to avoid wrinkles for as long as possible, I better start using prevention products now ! The solution : using my eye cream more than twice a week…

What are your bad beauty habits ? Yes, yes, I’m sure you have a few ones too…

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