After living on this island for more than 5 years, I’ve had the occasion to try many good places in Gozo. Restaurants, bars, clothing stores or toy shops… I’ve listed my favourite addresses, so that you can enjoy them too.

This list will probably grow over time, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t hesitate to share your own favourite addresses in Gozo in the comments below the post !

The price range is indicated next to each “best spot” :
one bill 💶 = cheap ; two bills 💶 💶 = affordable ; three bills 💶 💶 💶 = expensive.
This is relative to the prices usually charged on the island. If you come from a large european city, the prices will probably seem cheap to you.
As much as possible, I’ve tried to rank my favourite addresses in Gozo by order of preference (the best are at the beginning of the list).

My favourite addresses in GozoOn the left : The Osteria Scottadito – On the right : view from the Piazza Cafe in Saint George Square

My favourite addresses in Gozo : the best restaurants

Osteria Scottadito 💶 💶

The first of my favourite addresses in Gozo : a restaurant that I discovered recently. This place, run by an Italian, offers incredible dishes. It is one of the best I have been to, and clearly the best in Gozo, in my opinion. The decor is cozy and warm, the service is perfect, and the dishes are delicious. The prices are reasonable, especially for such quality. You have to try it if you are passing through the island ! However, remember to book in advance, the restaurant is full most of the time.

📍 20 Triq Madre Gemma Camilleri, Nadur

D-Bar 💶 💶

Very good local cuisine, hearty dishes with no fuss. This is one of my usual restaurants, one where I eat quite often.

📍 30 Triq San Guzepp, Qala

Piazza Cafe 💶

Located on the pretty Saint George square in Victoria, this place has been a bit of my HQ since I arrived in Gozo. If you go there, you will notice that the establishment is split into two different terraces, located on either side of the square (“Piazza Cafe” on one side, “The Grapes” on the other, but this is the same place, with only one kitchen).
It is ideally located, the menu is very affordable, the service is fast. The cuisine is unpretentious but very good. They serve quick snacks (sandwiches, salads) or more elaborate dishes (pasta, meats). They also have a very nice selection of pizzas which are excellent, at a ridiculous price. If the white wine calamari is on the menu, I highly recommend it.

📍 Pjazza San Gorg, Victoria

Maldonado Bistro 💶 💶 💶

For Gozo standards, we could put this Italian restaurant in the “high-end” category. You can tell this by looking at the price of the food. It’s cheaper than a restaurant of the same standing in France, though. The setting is pretty, the dishes are very neat, it’s excellent and sophisticated. However, the service can sometimes leave something to be desired, with errors in the orders. Nothing dramatic, but upsetting given the price.

📍 18 Mons Vella, Victoria

Fliegu 💶 💶

The main asset of this restaurant : its terrace which overlooks the Maltese Islands and the Blue Lagoon. The menu is very nice and the dishes are good. Remember to book in advance, because it’s always full.

📍 Triq Imgarr, Nadur

Porto Vecchio 💶 💶

Located on Gozo marina, the terrace of this waterfront restaurant is very pleasant. The dishes are excellent and the service as well.

📍 Triq Martino Garces, Mgarr Yacht Marina

Ta Vestru 💶 💶

An extensive menu, carefully prepared and very well mastered dishes, fair prices. One small drawback : the service can be a bit long, sometimes.

📍 Qala Square, Qala

Ta Penellu 💶 💶

Located on the harbour of Marsalforn, this restaurant offers a varied menu with many typical Gozo dishes, as well as lots of fresh fish. The big plus : the terrace is only a few meters away from the sea.

📍 Triq Il-Port, Marsalforn

Il Girna 💶 💶

In the small village of Sannat, opposite to Ta Cenc hotel, you can discover this restaurant and its very pleasant flower-filled terrace. I used to go there from time to time, the service is excellent and the dishes are neat.

📍 15 Triq il-Kalati, Sannat

Pulena 💶 💶

Another Italian restaurant, located on the harbour of Marsalforn. The service is very pleasant, the dishes are plentiful and delicious, and the prices are very fair. The cooking of the meat deserves an A+.

📍 Triq il-Menqa, Marsalforn

Il Panzier 💶 💶 💶

A family-run Italian restaurant, located in the courtyard of the owners’ house, in a pretty little street in Victoria. You will be warmly welcomed. It’s a family kitchen : almost everything is homemade, it’s very good but unpretentious. However, it can be a bit expensive for what it is.

📍 39 Charity Street, Victoria

Xerri Il Bukkett 💶 💶

Without a doubt, the restaurant with the best view in all of Gozo ! I go there quite often because I live nearby, but to be honest, I’ve been disappointed by the food on several occasions. The service is good though, and the food is still decent most of the time, but I wouldn’t call it “excellent”. Fortunately, the prices are affordable. This place is very famous among the locals. Try it if you are looking for an extraordinary view and simple dishes. I advise you to book in advance, because it’s always crowded.

📍 Triq Iz Zewwieqa, Qala

My favourite addresses in Gozo and Malta.On the left : al fresco at the Porto Vecchio – On the right : the charming streets of Gozo, where you can find hidden gems.

Bars, cafes et ice cream parlors in Gozo

Le Zeppi’s 💶

This is my favourite bar, located in the village of Qala, next to the church. It’s an unpretentious little place, but the atmosphere is very good. Every weekend, in the evening, music bands come there to play for a few hours.

📍 Qala Square, Qala

Piazza Café 💶

I already mentioned this establishment above, in the list of my favorite restaurants. It’s also a very pleasant place to drink a coffee or enjoy a pastry.

📍 Pjazza San Gorg, Victoria

Vanilla + 💶

This is an ice cream parlor located at the opposite of the Victoria bus terminal. There is only a small choice of flavors, but the ice creams are excellent and homemade. If I’m not mistaking, vegetable milk and sugar-free options are available. As a bonus, it’s not expensive at all. I particularly recommend the “cherry cheesecake” perfume, my favourite.

📍 Taht Putirjal, Victoria

Candy Cafe

Candy lovers, this place is for you ! A little paradise filled with sweets of all kinds (including a selection of natural and / or sugar-free sweets). Try it if you’re in Marsalforn.

📍 Triq il-Menqa, Marsalforn

Capitan Spriss 💶

If you want to have a good coffee with a pastry, or possibly a burger, I recommend this pretty little bar, located on the main street of Victoria. If I’m not mistaking, the place is run by Sicilians.

📍 66 Main Gate Street, Victoria

Piùtrentanove Lounge Bar 💶

A very pleasant Italian cocktail bar, with a view over the harbour of Marsalforn. The island of Gozo has few “young” and fun bars, but this is one of them. The cocktail menu is very complete and they are very well made (well, I haven’t tried them all, if that’s what you’re thinking…). It’s also possible to order a pizza. The prices are very good, around 5€ by cocktail.

📍 65 Triq Il-Port, Marsalforn

La Grotta 💶 💶

This isn’t a bar, but a nightclub… under the open sky ! The setting of this nightclub is exceptional : it’s an old villa perched at the top of a valley, covered with vegetation… The place is only open during the summer season, and you can’t miss it if you want to party in Gozo. Entrance is generally free, and drinks are about the same price as in bars (much cheaper than in France).

📍 Triq tal-Ghajn, Munxar

Cafes and ice cream parlors in GozoOn the left : The Zeppi’s – On the right : the Candy Cafe

Grocery shopping in Gozo

Greens Supermaket (The Duke) 💶 💶

When arriving in Gozo, do not expect an abundance of choice when it comes to food. If you are used to eating only organic, or buying your food in bulk, you might be a little disappointed. However, the supermarket where you can find the most options (organic included) is the Greens Supermarket, located in The Duke shopping center. It opened in 2018 and it’s the best option on the island in terms of choice. It also has a fairly complete baby food department, with lots of organic and healthy options.

📍 The Duke Shopping Mall, Republic Street, Victoria

Naturali Organic 💶 💶

A little further down, you will find a small organic shop called Naturali Organic. There are not many options, but you will find some fruit and vegetables, food products (especially snack and food for babies), and hygiene products.

📍 Triq Fortunato Mizzi, Victoria

La Bottega del Sole e della Luna 💶 💶

A delicatessen located on the edge of Saint George square in Victoria. You will find Italian products, artisan pasta, tea, honey or Gozo salt… It’s also a good place to find beautiful and original souvenirs.

📍 Triq is-Suq, Victoria

Arkadia 💶 💶

The Arkadia shopping center has a small supermarket, Waitrose, which you probably know if you’ve been to the UK. It’s a bit expensive, but you can find European products or brands that aren’t sold elsewhere in Gozo.

📍 Arkadia Commercial Center, Triq Fortunato Mizzi, Victoria

Lighthouse Supermarket 💶

It’s a chain of small supermarkets, you can find several on the island (in Victoria, San Lawrenz, Gharb…).

Village grocery stores 💶 💶

Each town or village has one or more local grocery stores, very practical if you’re out of something, but quite limited to do all the food shopping (especially regarding fresh products). It’s a bit pricey compared to what you can find in a bigger supermarket. Do not be surprised when entering one of these grocery stores : it’s small, crowded, and hygiene is quite rudimentary. I advise you to look carefully at the expiration dates before buying.

Vegetables trucks 💶

Every morning, trucks pass in every village to sell fruit and vegetables, as well as some groceries and basic necessities. They are recognizable by their musical horns.

Barbuto Natural 💶 💶

This will most certainly not be useful if you’re on vacation in Gozo for a short period, but if you’re an expat or a long term resident, note this address down ! It’s a delivery system for organic fruit and vegetable boxes, grown in a Sicilian farm (a few dozen kilometers north of Gozo). Several formulas are available, depending on your needs. It’s also possible to order eggs, pasta, bread… a whole bunch of organic food. Every Sunday, I place my order, and on the following Thursday morning, I receive my products directly at home. The quality to price ratio is excellent.

Grocery shopping in GozoOn the left : the fruit and vegetables aisle in Greens Supermarket – On the right : Victoria’s small streets

Best hygiene and beauty spots in Gozo

Arkadia (The Body Shop and Perfumery) 💶 💶

Arkadia shopping center has a fairly complete beauty store (for Gozo standards), with luxury brands (Lancôme, Dior…) as well as more accessible ones (Bourjois, Gemey, L’Oréal…). You will find makeup, skincare, hair products and accessories, baby products…
In the shopping center, you will also find a small The Body Shop store, which is nice if you like the brand.

📍 Arkadia Commercial Center, Triq Fortunato Mizzi, Victoria

Holland & Barret 💶 💶 💶

Located opposite Arkadia, the Holland & Barret store has a lot of natural (sometimes organic) cosmetics and food supplements. An interesting alternative, even if most of the products are a little expensive.

📍 Pjazza President J.F. Kennedy, Victoria

Pharmacies 💶

Gozo pharmacies often sell a fairly wide choice of cosmetics, including french brands such as La Roche Posay, Bioderma, Avène…

Clothing stores in Gozo

Glamour (The Duke) 💶 💶

One of my favourite clothing stores in Gozo, located in The Duke shopping center. The collections are modern and can adapt to different styles, and you can find very pretty things there. The prices are affordable, but they may be a little expensive given the quality of the clothing.

📍 The Duke Shopping Mall, Republic Street, Victoria

Promod (The Duke) 💶 💶

You may know this French brand already. You can find a Promod store in The Duke shopping center.

📍 The Duke Shopping Mall, Republic Street, Victoria

Arkadia 💶 💶

Arkadia shopping center has several affordable clothing stores. Nothing transcendent, but it’s possible to find nice things.

📍 Arkadia Commercial Center, Triq Fortunato Mizzi, Victoria

Celio 💶 💶

For men, a fairly large Celio boutique awaits you on the main street of Victoria.

📍 28, Triq Fortunato Mizzi, Victoria

New Look 💶

Also in the same street, you can find a New Look store : very affordable prices and modern collections.

📍 Triq Fortunato Mizzi, Victoria

Best spots in Gozo restaurant with viewOn the left : lunch at the Piazza Cafe – On the right : view from my table at Ta Penellu

My favourite addresses in Gozo : everything for the children

ELC 💶 💶

This is my favourite toy shop in Gozo : they have a nice choice of wooden, educational, creative toys, as well as a few books, some Playmobil… This shop is especially good for children from 0 to 5 years old. For older children, the following two addresses will be more suitable.

📍 Triq San Pawl, Victoria

The Model Shop (The Duke) 💶 💶

Located in The Duke shopping center, next to the Greens supermarket, this store has a large selection of toys for all ages. No pretty wooden toys, though, but everything you need to delight a child : dolls, stuffed animals, puzzles, cars, figurines, Playmobil, Lego, scooters…

📍 The Duke Shopping Mall, Republic Street, Victoria

Toy Metro 💶

The biggest toy store in Gozo ! There, you will not find pretty wooden toys, but a very large selection of various and varied toys, for all ages. They even have board games, play dough, bikes… You will also find childcare equipment in this store (strollers, cribs, car seats, pacifiers…).

📍 Triq Fortunato Mizzi, Victoria

Clothing : Original Marines (The Duke) 💶 💶

In the Duke shopping center, this small store offers a nice choice of clothes for babies and children. The prices are correct (it’s neither cheap nor too expensive) but you can find great deals during the sales.

📍 The Duke Shopping Mall, Republic Street, Victoria

Clothing : George (The Duke) 💶

Also in The Duke shopping center, you will find this clothing store, which is similar to Kiabi in terms of price and quality. It’s not expensive, you can find pretty things for the little ones and it’s very convenient if you need some extra cardigan or pajamas during your stay.

📍 The Duke Shopping Mall, Republic Street, Victoria

Childcare and cothing : Mothercare 💶 💶 💶

If you need a bottle, a pacifier, bibs or diapers, this is the store I would recommend. There are several baby shops on the island, but Mothercare offers the best quality, and this is where you can find the widest choice and the most modern equipment. On the other hand, it is a bit expensive… If you live in Gozo and are looking to buy children’s equipment, do not hesitate to compare with the other shops located in the small streets of Victoria, including Toy Metro cited above.
If you are on vacation far from the city, pharmacies can help you out. They often have a good choice of childcare products (bottles, baby toys, or baby food).

📍 Triq Fortunato Mizzi, Victoria

Good addresses in Gozo for childrenOn the left : the Playmobil aisle at Toy Metro – On the right : hot chocolate at Capitan Spriss

It’s over for my favourite addresses in Gozo ! If you are looking for a more specific address, please ask me in the comments below.

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