To keep my hair healthy, I like to keep things simple. Sometimes, I can’t resist the power of marketing and I find myself buying industrial hair masks, but I always come back to the natural ones in the end. I have never obtained such results with anything else.
The retail products are often full of silicon, and they hide the misery of your hair without healing it deeply.

It surely takes a little more of your time, but for a cheaper cost, and with products that you can find in your kitchen, you can make your own homemade hair masks that will do wonders for your hair.
Here are my two favorite types of masks that I frequently use.


An oil bath is a safe bet : it will deeply nourrish your hair. You must apply the oil lock by lock. Start with the locks under your hair and finish with the locks over, as if you were blow drying your hair. If you apply the oil roughly, it will probably not penetrate correctly and some locks won’t be coated.
If you tend to have an oily scalp, be careful to apply the product only on the length of your hair.
It would be ideal if you could leave the mask on overnight, with your hair braided and your pillow well protected. If this is not possible for you, leave it on for at least three hours under some cellophane paper or a warm towel, and rinse thoroughly with your usual shampoo.

Your hair is moderately damaged and you want to give it a little extra help

Olive oil is your friend ! Use preferably extra virgin and cold pressed olive oil, organic if possible. You will easily find this in your supermarket.

You have very dry hair

The coco oil is perfect to repair the hair and make it really shiny. You won’t find this oil in every supermarkets. You can replace it with coconut milk or cream (in the thaï and chinese cuisine department). Be sure that your product contains at least 90% of coconut. Be careful if your hair is colored : the milk or the cream might soak your color.

You have fragile, brittle hair and you wish it would grow faster

Use a mix of jojoba, borage and castor oil. The first two will repair and strengthen your hair, whereas the last one will support its growth. But don’t believe your hair will gain 5 centimeters overnight. However, if you persevere and apply this mask once a week during at least two months, you will notice a serious difference on the health of your hair and you will probably gain one or two extra centimeters. Not that bad, right ?
You will find these oils in the cosmetics department of your supermarket, in a pharmacy or in a specialised shop. Once again, try to buy organic and 100% natural oils.

More than 90% of the hair is made of protein (keratin). That’s the reason why protein masks can do wonders for damaged hair ! A real hair-dresser will confirm : this is the best way to repair your hair. I give you below some of my masks recipes that work well on me.

The eggs and olive oil mask

Mix one egg with two spoons of olive oil if you have short hair, two eggs and four spoons of olive oil if you have long hair. If your hair is extremely thick or really long, I advise you to add a third egg and some oil. Mix everything well and, as you would do for an oil bath, apply the mixture locks by locks, starting from behind. Avoid the roots if you have oily hair.
Leave the mask on for three hours and rinse. To get easily rid of the mask, I advise you to really soak your hair with water during several minutes. Then, proceed to your usual shampoo. This way, you will probably not need a second shampoo to get your hair clean.

The fresh cream mask

For this time, don’t hesitate to choose a high fat fresh cream : 30% fat would be ideal. Like previously, apply the fresh cream locks by locks and leave it on for about two hours.
Ensure to rinse your hair thoroughly with clear water, this mask is a little bit harder to get rid of. Two shampoos might be necessary to leave your hair clean and without an old yoghurt smell… Classy, I know.
You can also use fresh cream on your face if you have dry skin, especially during winter : it does wonders !

There are other recipes (with banana, honey, essential oils) which are also really efficient, but these masks are more specific and are made for particular types of hair. I will talk about them in a different post.

In the meantime, I’m curious to know which masks (homemade or not) you use for your hair, and if you have specific needs. Tell me everything in the comments !

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