Before I moved to Malta, I used to live in Rennes (Brittany, France). That’s the city I was born in, but I grew up 80 km away. I came back to Rennes when I was 18 to go to the university.

My boyfriend Gleb et I lived in the center, in a beautiful flat on Boulevard de Chézy, if you know the area. Despite the awful orange wallpaper in the living room – we never changed it because we knew we wouldn’t live there very long – I miss this apartment a lot. This is the bad side of being an expatriate. I don’t regret moving to Malta and I love this new life full of promises, but I happen to miss some of the things I left in France. Starting by my favorite restaurants !

Gleb and I have the habit to go out for dinner quite often (even more now, you would too if you saw the prices here) and when we lived in Brittany, we had the chance to try many places. If you are planning a trip to France and think about visiting Rennes, you might be interested in this post

N.B. : Prices are obviously indicative, they might vary depending on your order. The prices here are for a basic menu with main course and dessert, without drinks.

Small Budget

The Fox And Friends
A typical english pub with a great atmosphere (but quickly full at night, think about coming early if you want a seat). Nice waiters, good music, delicious burgers (and cheesecakes) ! Ask for information about the burger of the week, they happen to be really original.
How much ? Between 8 and 15€ per person. Where ? 13 Rue de la Monnaie.


A bistrot with an amazing decor ! You will fall back in the 50’s, with old sewing machines, dusty books, a counter where you can buy sweets, and Georges Brassens as background music. Here, they serve delicious toasts (I strongly recommend the ones with the smoked salmon). You can also come in for a snack, such as Nutella toasts with Dragibus, or a bowl of muesli with milk.
How much ? About 10€ per person. Where ? 2 Rue des Fossés.


Back To The 60’s
A typical american diner, right from the 60’s as its name suggests, with a highly detailed decor. Hamburgers, chips, onions rings, bagels, milkshakes… The menu has multiple good options and the food is delicious.
How much ? About 15-20€ per person. Where ? 58 Rue de St Malo.


Medium Budget

La Chope
A pretty brewery with great waiters and delicious dishes. The quality-price ratio is really interesting. If you like fish, you will be delighted by their salmon filet, probably the best I have ever eaten.
How much ? Between 20 and 30€ per person. Where ? 3 Rue de la Chalotais.


La Fabrique Saint Georges
It’s difficult to visit Rennes without going into a crêperie ! I really like this one, which has a pretty terrace behind the restaurant. If you don’t like breton wafers, you can chose a beautiful piece of meat, a fish, or mussels and french fries. Their fries are excellent ! I strongly recommend my favorite dessert : la crêpe Nutella-Noisettes. A warm breton crêpe with Nutella, covered with crushed hazelnuts, whipped cream and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Delicious.
How much ? About 25€ per person. Where ? 4 Rue Saint Georges.


La Taverne Grecque
A greek restaurant that I particularly like, because that’s where Gleb invited me for the first time right after we met. The owner is one of his friends and we spent great nights in this place. I even celebrated my 21st birthday there (my “birthday cake” below). The dishes are very large and the meat is excellent. Regarding the drinks, don’t hesitate to ask for their muscat, you’ll like it.
How much ? About 25€ per person. Where ? 1 Rue des Dames.


Un Amour de Pomme de Terre
Don’t even think about finishing your dish ! This rustic restaurant, centered about potatoes, serves delicious but VERY large dishes. Potatoes, cheese, meats… you’ll be pleased if you like great food. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about their desserts, my hunger has limits.
How much ? About 20€ per person. Where ? 14 Rue Rallier du Baty.


Big Budget

Le Chemin de Table (Edit 2018 : this restaurant is now closed.)
A really nice little restaurant that Gleb and I absolutely love. A perfect service, sophisticated and really pleasant dishes, for the eyes and the mouth as well !
How much ? About 40€ per person. Where ? 15 Rue Saint Melaine.


Le Carré
A great restaurant, with a wonderful atmosphere : you have to go through their pretty terrace situated down the street before coming in. The place is decorated with taste (I won’t even talk about their bathroom, I was impressed). The dishes are delicious, the waiters are great and attentive (they once offered me a shawl on the terrace because it was a bit windy). The products are fresh and come from the farmer market which takes place near the restaurant every saturday mornings. You can also find a nice selection of fish, and the waiters will show them to you before the food-preparation.
How much ? About 60€ per person (cheaper menus are available for lunch). Where ? 34 Place des Lices.

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If you had the chance to eat in other restaurants in Rennes, I will be pleased to hear your suggestions in the comments below. This will offer me the opportunity to try new places when I will go back to Brittany !

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