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In today’s article, I will talk about my last buy at The Body Shop. I don’t know this brand really well : apart from their lip balms, I’ve never had the chance to try their products. When I saw some special deals in the shop window, I decided it was time to give them a try, in particular those famous body butters that everyone worships.

First, I like The Body Shop for its environmental commitment. Don’t get me wrong : the products composition is far from being “green”, let alone organic. Nevertheless, a true effort is made : most of the packagings can be recycled, the brand is trying to reduce its environmental footprint, the ingredients are mostly fair-trade, the products are not tested on animals… The Body Shop has some good intentions, but still has progress to make regarding the choice of ingredients in its cosmetics.
Personally, I do not swear by organic. Regarding my food, yes, I’m very demanding. Much less for the cosmetics. I just pay attention to use the less “rubbish” products possible, and I make at home almost all my face/hair masks or my scrubs with natural products.
So here I go, without apprehension, to test some The Body Shop products.

TBS5These body butters seem to deserve all the admiration. I chose the one with almond, but there are several perfumes which all seem to be a delight. The capacity of the pot frightened me a little, but I think finally that the product can last long enough, even with a daily application on the whole body. You just have to brush against the cream to have a rather consequent quantity of product on the fingers.
This body butter moisturises very well and penetrates the skin quickly. Only one drawback, it leaves the skin quite sticky If you don’t like this feeling, I don’t recommend this body butter to you. Or maybe, apply it before going to bed.

TBS3If you should buy only one product of the brand, it would be one of their famous small lip balms. I‘ve been using them since I was a little girl, my mother had some of them during rigorous winters or winter sport holiday (proof that they are effective !).
They moisturise really well, have a light delicious almond smell, and they are very pleasant to wear. You will almost forget their presence.
The one I chose also have a SPF 15, I do not know if this is the case for all.

TBS6I also tried the banana shampoo, for all types of hair. I don’t really like the smell, if you do not like banana or sweetened scents, don’t go for it. However, it does not seem to remain after washing.
My hair seemed softer and shiny after use. A nice product, but I need to test it longer to be able to truly appreciate its efficiency.
TBS4I also wanted to try the tea tree oil, wich is supposed to treat the small imperfections. You should apply this oil directly to the skin, with your fingertips or a cotton. I also tried to mix a few drops with my face cream.
First point, negative : I hate the scent. It is very particular, like mixing alcohol with eucalyptus. I have to apply it in apnea, and unfortunately, the smell is rather persistent. This said, that didn’t stop me.
Regarding the efficiency, I have mixed feelings. I don’t have any particular issue with my skin, so I used it in prevention, and I didn’t notice important changes. However, the few small imperfections I had on my face disappeared faster than usual, but I don’t know if the tea tree oil is responsible for this. To continue…

TBS7Finally, I chose the strawberry body polish, mainly for the scent, I love it. Usually, I use sugar or coffee to scrub my body. This time, I wanted something pre-made. But this one is really not abrasive enough, the grains are rare and quite small. For me, this is rather a simple shower gel. And I find it quite expensive (5€ for 75 ml, with a promotion moreover). Perhaps I will use it as a face scrub.
In short, if you love fruity scents and if you seek a very light exfoliation, this is made for you. If not, move along, the brand certainly offers more efficient scrubs.


I am curious to know about your favourite The Body Shop products. I am just starting to discover the brand and I probably missed some great products. I look forward to read your suggestions in the comments below !

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